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’ĕ·lê- — 4 Occurrences

Job 3:22
HEB: הַשְּׂמֵחִ֥ים אֱלֵי־ גִ֑יל יָ֝שִׂ֗ישׂוּ
NAS: Who rejoice greatly, [And] exult when
INT: cheer up about exceedingly exult

Job 5:26
HEB: תָּב֣וֹא בְכֶ֣לַח אֱלֵי־ קָ֑בֶר כַּעֲל֖וֹת
INT: will come full to the grave the stacking

Job 15:22
HEB: ק) ה֣וּא אֱלֵי־ חָֽרֶב׃
INT: behold he for the sword

Job 29:19
HEB: שָׁרְשִׁ֣י פָת֣וּחַ אֱלֵי־ מָ֑יִם וְ֝טַ֗ל
INT: my root is spread to the waters and dew

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