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kə·sūṯ — 4 Occurrences

Genesis 20:16
HEB: הוּא־ לָךְ֙ כְּס֣וּת עֵינַ֔יִם לְכֹ֖ל
NAS: behold, it is your vindication before all
KJV: [pieces] of silver: behold, he [is] to thee a covering of the eyes,
INT: behold he is your vindication of the eyes all

Job 24:7
HEB: לְב֑וּשׁ וְאֵ֥ין כְּ֝ס֗וּת בַּקָּרָֽה׃
NAS: And have no covering against the cold.
KJV: without clothing, that [they have] no covering in the cold.
INT: clothing and have covering the cold

Job 26:6
HEB: נֶגְדּ֑וֹ וְאֵ֥ין כְּ֝ס֗וּת לָֽאֲבַדּֽוֹן׃
NAS: Him, And Abaddon has no covering.
KJV: before him, and destruction hath no covering.
INT: before has covering and Abaddon

Job 31:19
HEB: לְב֑וּשׁ וְאֵ֥ין כְּ֝ס֗וּת לָאֶבְיֽוֹן׃
NAS: Or that the needy had no covering,
KJV: or any poor without covering;
INT: of clothing had covering the needy

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