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ma‘·gāl — 4 Occurrences

Psalm 140:5
HEB: רֶ֭שֶׁת לְיַד־ מַעְגָּ֑ל מֹקְשִׁ֖ים שָֽׁתוּ־
NAS: a net by the wayside; They have set
INT: A net by the wayside snares have set

Proverbs 2:9
HEB: וּ֝מֵישָׁרִ֗ים כָּל־ מַעְגַּל־ טֽוֹב׃
NAS: [and] every good course.
KJV: and equity; [yea], every good path.
INT: and equity every course good

Proverbs 4:26
HEB: פַּ֭לֵּס מַעְגַּ֣ל רַגְלֶ֑ךָ וְֽכָל־
NAS: Watch the path of your feet And all
KJV: Ponder the path of thy feet,
INT: Watch the path of your feet and all

Isaiah 26:7
HEB: מֵֽישָׁרִ֑ים יָשָׁ֕ר מַעְגַּ֥ל צַדִּ֖יק תְּפַלֵּֽס׃
NAS: make the path of the righteous
KJV: dost weigh the path of the just.
INT: is smooth Upright the path of the righteous make

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