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ma‘·yā·nō·wṯ — 2 Occurrences

Proverbs 8:24
HEB: חוֹלָ֑לְתִּי בְּאֵ֥ין מַ֝עְיָנ֗וֹת נִכְבַּדֵּי־ מָֽיִם׃
NAS: When there were no springs abounding
KJV: I was brought forth; when [there were] no fountains abounding
INT: was brought were no springs abounding water

Isaiah 41:18
HEB: וּבְת֥וֹךְ בְּקָע֖וֹת מַעְיָנ֑וֹת אָשִׂ֤ים מִדְבָּר֙
NAS: on the bare heights And springs in the midst
KJV: in high places, and fountains in the midst
INT: the midst of the valleys and springs will make the wilderness

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