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mil·le·ḵā — 2 Occurrences

Job 4:4
HEB: כּ֭וֹשֵׁל יְקִימ֣וּן מִלֶּ֑יךָ וּבִרְכַּ֖יִם כֹּרְע֣וֹת
NAS: Your words have helped the tottering
KJV: Thy words have upholden
INT: was falling to stand your words knees feeble

Proverbs 23:9
HEB: יָ֝ב֗וּז לְשֵׂ֣כֶל מִלֶּֽיךָ׃
NAS: the wisdom of your words.
KJV: the wisdom of thy words.
INT: will despise the wisdom of your words

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