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nə·’āh — 3 Occurrences

Proverbs 10:12
HEB: שִׂ֭נְאָה תְּעוֹרֵ֣ר מְדָנִ֑ים
NAS: Hatred stirs up strife,
KJV: Hatred stirreth up strifes:
INT: Hatred stirs strife

Proverbs 10:18
HEB: מְכַסֶּ֣ה שִׂ֭נְאָה שִׂפְתֵי־ שָׁ֑קֶר
NAS: He who conceals hatred [has] lying
KJV: He that hideth hatred [with] lying
INT: conceals hatred lips lying

Proverbs 26:26
HEB: תִּכַּסֶּ֣ה שִׂ֭נְאָה בְּמַשָּׁא֑וֹן תִּגָּלֶ֖ה
NAS: [Though his] hatred covers
KJV: [Whose] hatred is covered by deceit,
INT: covers hatred guile will be revealed

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