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rə·ḇāh — 3 Occurrences

Daniel 4:11
HEB: רְבָ֥ה אִֽילָנָ֖א וּתְקִ֑ף
NAS: The tree grew large and became strong
KJV: The tree grew, and was strong,
INT: grew the tree and became

Daniel 4:20
HEB: חֲזַ֔יְתָ דִּ֥י רְבָ֖ה וּתְקִ֑ף וְרוּמֵהּ֙
NAS: which became large and grew strong,
KJV: that thou sawest, which grew, and was strong,
INT: you saw which became and grew height

Daniel 4:33
HEB: שַׂעְרֵ֛הּ כְּנִשְׁרִ֥ין רְבָ֖ה וְטִפְר֥וֹהִי כְצִפְּרִֽין׃
NAS: his hair had grown like eagles'
KJV: his hairs were grown like eagles'
INT: his hair eagles' had grown and his nails birds'

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