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wat·tiḏ·baq — 3 Occurrences

Genesis 34:3
HEB: וַתִּדְבַּ֣ק נַפְשׁ֔וֹ בְּדִינָ֖ה
NAS: He was deeply attracted to Dinah
KJV: And his soul clave unto Dinah
INT: was deeply and his soul to Dinah

Ruth 2:23
HEB: וַתִּדְבַּ֞ק בְּנַעֲר֥וֹת בֹּ֙עַז֙
NAS: So she stayed close by the maids
KJV: So she kept fast by the maidens
INT: stayed the maids of Boaz

2 Samuel 23:10
HEB: יָגְעָ֣ה יָד֗וֹ וַתִּדְבַּ֤ק יָדוֹ֙ אֶל־
NAS: was weary and clung to the sword,
KJV: and his hand clave unto the sword:
INT: was weary his hand and clung his hand to

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