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wā·ṣe·ḏeq — 4 Occurrences

Deuteronomy 25:15
HEB: אֶ֣בֶן שְׁלֵמָ֤ה וָצֶ֙דֶק֙ יִֽהְיֶה־ לָּ֔ךְ
NAS: a full and just weight;
KJV: [But] thou shalt have a perfect and just weight,
INT: weight A full and just shall have measure

Deuteronomy 25:15
HEB: אֵיפָ֧ה שְׁלֵמָ֛ה וָצֶ֖דֶק יִֽהְיֶה־ לָּ֑ךְ
NAS: a full and just measure,
KJV: a perfect and just measure
INT: measure A full and just shall have because of

Psalm 119:121
HEB: עָ֭שִׂיתִי מִשְׁפָּ֣ט וָצֶ֑דֶק בַּל־ תַּ֝נִּיחֵ֗נִי
NAS: justice and righteousness; Do not leave
KJV: judgment and justice: leave
INT: have done justice and righteousness lest leave

Ecclesiastes 5:8
HEB: וְגֵ֨זֶל מִשְׁפָּ֤ט וָצֶ֙דֶק֙ תִּרְאֶ֣ה בַמְּדִינָ֔ה
NAS: of justice and righteousness in the province,
KJV: perverting of judgment and justice in a province,
INT: and violent of justice and righteousness see the province

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