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wə·ḡe·ḇer — 2 Occurrences

Job 14:10
HEB: וְגֶ֣בֶר יָ֭מוּת וַֽיֶּחֱלָ֑שׁ
NAS: But man dies and lies prostrate.
KJV: But man dieth, and wasteth away:
INT: man dies and lies

Job 34:34
HEB: יֹ֣אמְרוּ לִ֑י וְגֶ֥בֶר חָ֝כָ֗ם שֹׁמֵ֥עַֽ
NAS: to me, And a wise man who hears
KJV: me, and let a wise man hearken
INT: of understanding will say man wise hears

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