Genesis 49
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1And Yaquuv called his sons and said to them, “Be assembled and I shall show you the thing that will happen to you in the last of days.

2Be gathered and hear, sons of Yaquuv, hear Israel your father.

3Rubil my first born, you are my power and beginning of my strength, the foundation of exaltation and the foundation of strength

4You wandered as waters; you will not persist, for you went up to the bedroom of your father; truly you defiled my bed and you went up.

5Shemon and Levi, brothers, are weapons of rage by their nature.

6Into their secrets my soul has not entered, and I have not come down from my glory into their assembly, because in their rage they murdered men and in their anger they tore down a city wall.

7Cursed is their rage, because it is severe, and their anger, because that was violent. I shall divide them in Yaquuv and I shall scatter them in Israel.

8Yehuda, to you your brethren shall give praise; your hand will be on the necks of your enemies; the sons of your father shall bow down to you.

9Yehuda is the whelp of a lion; you went up from the killed prey, my son; he knelt and crouched as a lion and like a whelp of a lion, and who is it that will raise him up?

10The scepter will not depart from Yehuda nor a Prophet from between his feet, until he will come whose it is, and the nations will look for him.

11He will bind his colt to the vine and the foal of his donkey to vine shoots; he will whiten his clothing with wine and his cloak with the blood of grapes:

12His eyes are more wine color than wine and his teeth are whiter than milk.

13Zabalaun will dwell on the shore of the sea and he is by the beauty of ships and his border is unto Tsidon.

14The man Isakaar is a mighty man that crouches in the place of the roads:

15And he saw his dwelling, that it is beautiful, and his land is good, and he bowed his shoulder to servitude and it was for tribute.

16Dan will judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel.

17Dan Shall be a serpent upon the road and a dragon upon the path, to injure a horse in its foot and throw its rider on his back.

18For your salvation I have waited, LORD JEHOVAH.

19Gad will go forth with robbers and he will strike the heels.

20Ashir’s land is good and he will give nourishment to the King.

21Naphtali is a speedy Messenger; he gives beautiful speech.

22Yoseph is the son of increase; the son of increase goes up as a spring with a vine supported, going up on the wall:

23And they contended with him, and they have increased and the Lords of armies envied him:

24And his bow returned in strength and they distributed the arms of his hands from the strong hands of Yaquuv, and from The Name of The Shepherd who is the Stone of Israel

25The God of your father will help you and God Almighty will bless you with the blessing of Heaven from above, the blessing of the deep of the spring rain from beneath, the blessing of the breasts and of the wombs:

26The blessing of your father prevailed over the blessings of my forefathers unto the hope of the hills of eternity; let them be on the head of Yoseph and on the head and crown of his brothers.

27Benyamin is a plundering wolf; at dawn he will eat the prey and in the evening he will divide whatever is snatched.”

28All of these are the twelve tribes of Israel, and this is what Yaquuv their father said to them; he spoke to them and he blessed them, each man; according to his blessing he blessed them.

29And he commanded them, and their father said to them: “I am gathered to my people; bury me with my fathers in the cave that is in the field of Aphron the Khethite. 30In the cave in the field of Aphron, that is before Mamreh, that is in the land of Canaan, where Abraham bought the field from Aphron, the Khethite, for an inheritance of the tomb. 31There they buried Abraham and Sara his wife, and there they buried Isaaq and Raphqa his wife, and there I buried Leah. 32The purchase of the field, and the cave which was from the sons of Khayth.” 33And when Yaquuv had finished charging his sons, he stretched out his feet in bed, and he grew weak and died, and was gathered to his people.

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