Jeremiah 10
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1Hear the word that LORD JEHOVAH spoke about you, those of the house of Israel:

2“Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: ‘You shall not learn the way of the Gentiles, and you shall not be in awe of the signs of Heaven, because the Gentiles are in awe of them

3Because the worshiped things of the Gentiles are nothing, because wood from the forest was cut, the work of the hands of a carpenter with an ax

4With silver and with gold overlaid, with spikes and with nails they secure them that they will not be removed

5They stand like palm trees and they do not speak; certainly they move them because they do not walk. You shall not be in awe of them, because they do no evil, neither do good’

6There is none like you, LORD JEHOVAH, for you are great, and your name is great in might

7Who will not be in awe of you, King of all the worlds, for the Kingdom is fitting for you, because among all the wise men of the Gentiles and in all their kingdoms, there is none like you!

8And together they shall be destroyed, and worthless teachings of worshiped things of wood shall cease

9Fine silver came from Tarshish and gold from Uphir, the work of the carpenter and the hands of the Blacksmith, blue fringes and purple, the clothing woven by the wise

10And LORD JEHOVAH, The God of truth, he is The God of life and The King of worlds; from his passion the Earth quakes, and the nations will not endure his passion

11Thus say to them: “The gods that have not made Heaven and Earth shall be destroyed from the Earth and from under these Heavens

12LORD JEHOVAH made the Earth by his power, and he has set the world in order by his wisdom, and by his understanding he has stretched out Heaven

13He gave a sound of the roaring of waters in the sky and brings up clouds from the ends of the Earth, and he made lightnings for the rain. He brings forth the wind from his treasuries

14Every man has strayed from knowledge. Every worker of the gold of carved images that they made was ashamed, because they smelted falsehood and no spirit is in them

15They are nothing and the works are vanities. In the time that they are visited, they shall be destroyed

16The portion of Yaqob is not like these things, because he who created all is their portion, and Israel, the tribe of his inheritance; LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts is his Name

17Gather your dishonor from the land. You have dwelt in the siege

18For thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “Behold, I entangle the inhabitants of this land at this time, that they may seek me and find me

19Woe to me for my crushing pain! It is my plague, and I have said, “This is my sorrow. I shall bear it

20My tents are plundered and all its cords are cut! My children went out from me and they are not! There is no one able to pitch again and to set up my tents

21Because they are insane Shepherds, and they have not desired LORD JEHOVAH, and because they did not prosper, all their flocks were scattered

22A sound of the report, behold, it came, and great shaking from the north land to make the cities of Judea a wilderness, a dwelling for jackals

23I know that the way of LORD JEHOVAH is not like that of a son of man, and not like a man who goes and sets his affairs in order

24Instruct me, LORD JEHOVAH, in judgment, and not in your wrath, lest you will reduce me to nothing

25Pour out your anger on the nations that have not known you, and upon the generations that do not call on your name, for they have consumed Yaqob; they consumed him and they have finished him, and his dwelling they have destroyed

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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