Job 12
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1And Job answered and said:

2“In truth, you are the people, and wisdom will die with you!

3I also have a heart like you, and I have not been less than you who have such things as these

4And there was laughter with his neighbors, and he called to God and he answered him, because he is pleased with righteous men without blemish

5To remove madness and evil and to restore a disjointed foot

6The tents of robbers and the trust of those who are angry with God will be removed, because there is no God in their heart

7Or else ask the beast and it will teach you, and the bird of the sky and it will show you

8Or tell the earth and it will teach you and the fish of the sea will tell you

9Who is it that does not know all these things, that the hand of LORD JEHOVAH has made these things?

10Because in his hand are the souls of everything that lives and the spirit of all flesh and man

11The ear hears words and the palate tastes food

12And in the elders is wisdom and in length of days is discernment

13With him is wisdom and heroism; his is intelligence and understanding

14Behold if He casts down, who builds up, and if he shuts up the face of a man, who opens?

15If he rebukes the waters, they dry up, and if he sends them out, they overturn the land

16His is power and wisdom; his is strength and salvation

17He governs Kings with awe and Judges he drives mad

18He brings down Kings to the gates and binds a belt on their waist

19He governs the Priests with awe and he brings down mighty men

20He removes speech from Eunuchs and the discretion of old men he takes away

21He pours madness on Rulers and the courage of the mighty he weakens

22He reveals deep things from darkness and brings out the light from the shadows of death

23He deceives the nations and scatters them. He strikes down the nations and destroys them. He spreads out the peoples and he leaves them

24He intoxicates the heart of the Leaders of the people of the Earth and causes them to wander in a trackless waste without a road

25They will search in darkness and not in the light, and they will grope in the darkness and not the light, and he inebriates them like drunkards

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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