Job 16
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1And Job answered and said:

2“I have heard of many things like these, and you are comforters in evil, all of you!

3Do not grieve my spirit with words. Even though you will speak to me, I am not answering

4I also might speak like you, but, oh that your souls were treated in the place of my soul, and I had tested you with words and I would shake my head at you!

5But I would have examined you in your words, and the speaking of my lips I would not have kept from you!

6For if I shall speak, my sorrow is not removed, and I am if silent, who is relieving me?

7Because now he troubles me and he keeps all my testimony

8And he appointed me and I have become a witness and my lie stood against me, and I have spoken before him

9His anger has broken me and torn me to pieces and his teeth gnashed on me. My enemies fixed their eyes on me

10And they have opened their mouths against me with insult and they struck my cheeks together, and they have been filled with fury against me

11He handed me over to the Evil Angel, and he handed me over to the hand of the Wicked One

12I was silent and he struck me. He seized on my neck and shook me. He has set me up for himself as a target

13And his arrows have increased against me, and he shot at my kidneys and showed no pity. He poured my bile on the ground!

14He broke me breach within breach and he ran against me as upon a giant!

15Sackcloth I put on my skin and I sprinkled my head with dust

16My face is troubled from weeping and my eyes from the shadow of death

17Because there is no evil in my hands and my prayer is pure

18The Earth will not cover my blood and there shall be no place for my cry

19And now, behold, in Heaven are my witnesses, and my acquaintances in the High Place

20My brothers and my friends, my eyes overflow to God!

21But, oh, that a son of man might blame God, as a man his neighbor!

22For the number of his years are coming, and he goes the way without return!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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