Job 39
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Do you know the time that the wild goats on a cliff bear young, and the bearing of the hinds?

2Do you keep the numbers of the months and do you know the time of their delivery

3And when they kneel and give birth

4And they rear their children and they are weaned?

5Who sent away the wild donkey a son of the free, and lets him escape from the yoke

6That makes the valley his house, and his dwelling in the place of salt?

7He laughs at the multitude of the cities and is not afraid of the voice of Rulers

8In the multitude of the mountains is his pasture, and he treads upon every green thing

9Does a wild bull consent to serve you, or does he spend the night at your stall?

10Do you bind a yoke on the neck of the wild ox and he drives a plow in the rugged place?

11Do you trust upon him because his power is great, and do you leave your labors upon him?

12Do you trust him to thresh your granary and gather your seed?

13The glorious wings of the peacock are made great, and she comes and makes a nest

14And she leaves her daughters on the ground, and warms them upon the dust

15And she has forgotten that she has the foot of a bird of prey, and the animal of the Earth treads on it

16She has multiplied children that are not with her, and she has labored uselessly without fear

17Because God has increased wisdom and he has not distributed understanding to her

18She will be lifted up high as a palm tree; she will laugh at the horse and at his rider

19Did you gave the horse manly strength, and did you cloth his neck with armor?

20Do you shake him like a grasshopper, or do you terrify him with fear?

21He paws in the depths and prances in the valley and goes out in armor for the attack

22He laughs at a pit and is not afraid, and he does not turn from the face of the sword

23The quiver is glorious against him and the flash of the spear and of the javelin

24He runs on the Earth with shaking and with passion and is not afraid of the sound of the trumpet

25With a voice he says, ‘Hurrah!’ and from a distance he smells the war and shakes Princes with his whinnying

26Does the hawk exist from your wisdom and spread his wings to the south?

27Will the eagle be lifted up by the word of your mouth and set up his nest on the cliff?

28And he dwells and lodges on a crag of a cliff

29And he is sustained from his prey, and his eyes gaze a long distance

30And his chicks lick up blood, and where the slain are killed, there he is”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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3rd edition Copyright © 2019

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