Job 38
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1And LORD JEHOVAH answered and said to Job from a hurricane:

2“Who is this who devises doctrine in words without knowledge?

3Wrap your garment now on your loins as a mighty man. I shall ask you; teach me!

4Where were you when I was laying the foundations of the Earth? Show me, if you know understanding

5Who set down its measurements, if you know, and who has stretched a cord upon it?

6On what have its ends stood, or who laid the stone in its corner?

7He created as one the stars of the morning and all the sons of the Angels shouted for joy

8And he shut the doors of the sea and it gushed out from the womb and it brought forth

9When he set the work of the clouds her clothing, and thick darkness its swaddling band

10And he made for her a covenant, and he made doors and lock bolts

11And I said: ‘unto here you shall come and not go beyond, and here you will stay in the magnificence of your waves’

12From your days have you commanded the dawn? Do you know which is the place of early dawn

13To seize on the outer coverings of Earth, and the wicked shall be thrown out of it?

14Their bodies shall be changed like clay, and they shall rise as clothing

15Their light shall be withheld from sinners, and an high arm will be broken

16Have you entered to the depths of the sea, and in the foundations of the Abyss have you walked?

17Were the doors of death revealed to you and the doors of the shadows of death?

18Have you seen all the breadth of the Earth? Show me if you know

19In which path does the light dwell, and what is the place of darkness

20If you know her border and the paths of her house

21And if you know when you were conceived, and the number of your days, if they are many?

22Have you entered the storehouses of the snow and do you see the storehouses of hail

23Which are kept for the time of trouble and the day of conflict of war?

24Or by which path is the light divided and the wind goes out on the Earth?

25And there was an appearance and a sound

26To send down rain on the land without a man, and in the wilderness where is no man

27To satisfy every tangle of thorns and to make the procession of spring, spring up

28Is there a father for the rain, or who begot the drops

29And the dew and ice? From whose belly did they go out? And who begot the frost of Heaven?

30The waters are hardened like stone, and the surfaces of the depths are frozen

31Have you seized on the face of the Pleiades, or have you seen the path of the GiantOrion?

32Behold, shall you bring forth the Waggoner in its time, or have you stood at the face of the star Aldebaran?

33Do you know the law of Heaven, or do you lay down the law in the earth?

34Do you lift up your voice over the clouds, and do you cover them with a multitude of waters?

35Are you sending lightnings and they go and say to you: ‘Here we are!’?

36Who set wisdom in a hiding place, or who gave vision to discernment?

37Who numbered the clouds in his wisdom, and who established the pillars of Heaven?

38Who poured the dust on the Earth, and who fashioned the cliffs?

39Who gives a lion food and has filled the soul of the lions?

40Who multiplies animals in the wilderness

41And who gives the raven her food, because her children cry out to God and are failing from lack of food?

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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