Job 6
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1And Job answered and said:

2Oh, but that my anger were weighed and a piece of my mind in a scale together

3Because now it is more than the sand of the seas, because of this, my words were restrained

4Because the bolts of The Almighty are in my flesh and their heat drinks up my spirit, and the terrors of God terrified me

5Does a wild donkey sniff over new grass or a bull cry over hay?

6Or is a tasteless thing eaten without salt, or is there flavor in the mucilage of a mallows plant?

7My soul was wearied in its trouble. Oh, wailing like a drunkard came to me!

8Who will grant me that my request may come and God would grant my hope

9And God would be persuaded and would cleanse me and would stretch out his hand and he would perfect me?

10And he would again comfort me and I would be perfected again in power without sparing, because I have not been false with The Word of The Holy One

11And how great is my power that I may endure, and what is my end that I should be patient in my spirit?

12Oh, that my power were as the power of stone, or my flesh were of brass!

13Now his help is not in me, and his salvation stays far away from me

14He who withholds peace from his neighbor forsakes the worship of The Exalted One

15My brothers were unreliable as brooks and like torrents that pass away

16Those who have been afraid of ice, much snow has multiplied upon them!

17And in an hour that shines on them they melt, and by their heat they melt from their place

18The paths of their ways will be twisted, and they will lead on in a trackless waste and be destroyed

19For they looked to the roads of the south and they waited for the paths of Sheba

20They were ashamed in the thing that they trusted; they came to it and were ashamed

21Also you have turned against me, because before you saw the earthquake you were afraid

22For if had I said to you: “Give to me”, or “From your wealth offer a bribe for my sake

23And deliver me from the hands of my oppressors”, or “Save me from the hand of a mighty man”

24Teach me, and I shall be silent, and make me know what I have done wrong

25Why do you reject the Word of truth, and who is it of you that humbles and rebukes?

26Behold you will plan to correct words and you will consider my word against my spirit

27Behold, you are magnified against orphans and you grieve your friend

28And now, be instructed and pay attention, and I shall speak in front of you, and I shall not lie

29Repent, I beg you now, and do not be as the evil. Repent therefore and be justified

30Is evil in my tongue, or is my mouth not speaking truth?

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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