Nehemiah 12
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1And these are the Priests and the Levites who came up with Zorobabel, son of Shealthiel: Yeshua, Seriah, Azma, Azra 2Amaria, Meluk, Khatush 3Shekania, Arkhum, Marmuth 4Ada, Azti, Abia 5Benyamin, Madria, Belagya 6Shemaiah, Nedub, Yedaia 7Selui, Amuq, Khelqia, Yedaia; these are the Chiefs of the Priests and their brothers in the days of Yeshua.

8The Levites: Yeshua and his sons, Qadmiah, Sherabiah, Yehuda, Methanya, Khudith, he and his brothers. 9And Baqbuqa and Annani and their brothers next to them in the watch.

10And Yeshua begot Yuyaqim, and Yuyaqim begot Elishab, and Elishab begot Yuyada. 11And Yuyada begot Yunathan and Yunathan begot Yadua.

12And in the days of Yuyaqim were the Chief Priests of the fathers, Seriah, Amaria, Jeremiah, KhananYah 13Azarya, Mashlum, Amaria, Yokhanan 14Melakya, Yunathan, Shekania, Yoseph 15Kharam, Ariah, Maruth, Lakhmi 16Adu, Zechariah, Gethun, Mashlam 17Abia, Zekri, Benyamin, Mudaiah, Pulata 18Balga, Shamua, Shemaiah, Yunathan 19Yawida, Mathni, Yedaia, Azi 20Seli, Qeli, Emuq, Ebid 21Khelqia, Kheshabya, Huda, Nathaniel

22The Levites in the days of Elishib. And Yuyada and Yokhanan and Yuyada are recorded Chiefs of the fathers and the Priests over the kingdom of Darius the Persian. 23The sons of Levi, Chiefs of the fathers, are written on the Book of the Accounts of the Days until the days of Yokhanan, son of Elishab. 24And the Chiefs of the Levites: Shebil, Sherabyah, Yeshua and his brothers, the sons of Qadmayel next to them, singing and giving thanks according to the commandments of David, the Prophet of LORD JEHOVAH, Guard next to Guard. 25Methanya, and Baqi, and Oubdaya, and Shalum, and Atlam, and Aquph, Guards of the gates. 26These were in the days of Yuyaqim, son of Yeshua, son of Yozedeq and in the days of Nakhmeil, the Chief, and Azra the Priest and Scribe.

27And when the wall of Jerusalem was finished, the Levites assembled with their entire place to bring them to Jerusalem, and to make a banquet and celebration, and thanksgiving and singing and cymbals and harps. 28And the Ministers assembled from the plain that is around Jerusalem and from the courtyards of Netapha 29And from Bayth Galgala, and from the Torrent of Gaba, and from Armuth, because the Ministers built courtyards for themselves around Jerusalem. 30And the Priests and the Levites purified themselves, and they purified the people and the gates of the wall.

31And they brought the Rulers of Yehuda up on the wall, and they appointed two great companies, and they walked above on the wall to the right of the Great Gate. 32And Hushaiah went on with them, and half of the Chiefs of Yehuda. 33And Azrayel and Azra and Mashlum 34And Yehuda and Benyamin and Shemaia and Yermiah. 35Some of the sons of the Priests with the horns: Zechariah, son of Jonathan, son of Shemaiah, son of Methanya, son of Maaka, son of Zakor, son of Asaph 36And his brothers, Shemaiah and Azrayel, Melal, Galal, Ataz, Nathaniel, Khanani, Yehuda with the instruments of praise of David the Prophet, Servant of LORD JEHOVAH, and Azra the Scribe before them, above the Gate of the Eye. 37And next to them they came up from the ascent of the city of David at the ascent of the wall above the house of David, above the Great Eastern Gate.

38And they gave thanks and they came up above, and I after them, and half of the people came up on the wall, and they stood on the great tower and upon the high wall, higher than the wide wall. 39And higher than the Gate of Aphreim, unto the Ancient Gate and unto the Fish Gate, and from the tower of Khananeil unto the high tower and unto the Gate of the Garden, and they stood in the Great Gate. 40And two companies of the house of LORD JEHOVAH entered, and I and half of the Leaders who were with me 41And the Priests, Eliakim and Masyah, Malkhin, Mikah, Elihu, Ananni, Zechariah, KhananYah with the horns 42Massia and Shemaia and Lazar and Azi and Yokhanan and Melakyah and Ilam and Azur and Shemua, the Ministers, and Zarakh, the Chief. 43And on that day they sacrificed great sacrifices, and they rejoiced, because LORD JEHOVAH gave them great joy, and also the women and the children rejoiced, and made the joy of Jerusalem heard far away.

44And on that day those men who were giving were authorized from the storehouses of the King, houses in which to store the first fruits and the tithes of the chief of the cities, as it is written in the book of the Law for the Priests and for the Levites, because of the celebration of the Jews, because of the Priests and the Levites, those who stood and kept guard in the house of their God. 45And the Keepers of the Guards of Purity and the Ministers and the Porters, according to the commandment of David and of Solomon his son. 46For Asaph was in the days of David, and he stood as Chief of the Ministers and was singing and giving thanks in front of LORD JEHOVAH God. 47And all Israel in the days of Zorobabel and in the days of Nekhemiah gave gifts to the Attendants, and the Porters were going out and giving day to day, and they were hallowing the Levites, and Levites were hallowing the sons of Aaron.

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