Nehemiah 6
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1Then when the matter of the building of the wall was heard by Samblat, and by Tobia, and by Geshum the Arabian, and by the rest of our enemies, and there was no break in it, and unto that time we had not yet set up the door posts of the gates 2And Samblat and Geshum sent to me and they were saying to me: “Come, let us go as one and camp as a band of robbers in the plain of Einu.” And they were contemplating doing evil to me. 3And I sent them a Messenger and I said to them: “I am doing a great work and I cannot go down, lest it would stop when I leave and come down to join you.” 4And they sent to me concerning this matter four times, and I gave this answer to them. 5And Samblat sent his young man to me concerning this matter for the fifth time, and a letter was in his hand 6And it was written in it: ”It was heard among the Gentiles and Geshum has said, you and the Judeans are planning to rebel. Because of this, you are building a wall, and you are a King to them, according to these words. 7Also you have appointed Prophets to prophesy for you in Jerusalem, and they are saying: ‘Behold, Azra reigns in Yehuda, and now by the King it is heard according to these words. Therefore, come, we shall counsel as one.” 8And I sent to him and I said to him: “It is not good that these matters would be according to what you speak, for from your heart you have spoken these things.” 9Because they were all intimidating us, and they said: “Their hands are weakened from the work”, and they were saying to us: ‘You shall not work!’” Therefore, I shall strengthen my hands.

10And I entered the house of Shemaiah, son of Daliah, son of Mahtbayel, and he had been forbidding, and he said to me: “Come, meet at the house of LORD JEHOVAH within the temple, and lock the door of the temple, because they are coming to kill you, and are coming to kill you at night!” 11And I said: “Should one flee to a man like you? God forbid me that I would flee and I would enter the temple!” 12But I discerned that it was not God who had sent him to me, neither was it told me by a Prophet that Tobia and Samblat would kill me, and his companions had hired him, and they sent him against me to kill me. 13Because he was hired so that I would be afraid and I would do so and would sin, and I would be an evil name to them, so that they would reproach me. 14Remember, my God, Tobia and Samblat and his companions according to their hateful works, also Youdaiah the Prophet and the rest of the Prophets who were intimidating me by them.”

15And he finished the wall on the twentyfifth of Elul, in fiftytwo days. 16Then when all our enemies heard, they were afraid, all the nations that are around us, and they shook greatly before us, and they knew that this work was done from the presence of God. 17Also in those days the Princes of the Jews were multiplying their letters, and they were going to Tobia, and the letters of Tobia were coming to them. 18For many men were in Yehuda who had sworn to him that they would not harm him, because he was son in law of Shekania, son of Arakh, and Yokhanan, his son, had taken the daughter of Meshlum, son of Barachiah. 19Also they were telling his good words before me, and the word that I had said they were saying to him, and Tobia was sending letters to scare me.

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