Psalm 71
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1In you, LORD JEHOVAH, I have hope; I shall never be ashamed.

2Save me by your righteousness; incline your ear to me and save me.

3Be my dwelling place that I may enter it always, and command to save me, because you are the house of my refuge and my fortress.

4God, save me from the hand of the wicked and from the evil hand of The Evil One.

5Because you are my hope, LORD JEHOVAH, oh, God, my trust from my youth.

6For I have been sustained upon you from the womb and from the bowels of my mother you are my trust; I am always praising you.

7I have been a wonder to many, for you are my strong confidence.

8Let my mouth be filled with your song, and with your greatness all day.

9Do not cast me off at the time of old age; when my power fails, do not leave me

10Because my enemies speak against me and those who watched my soul counselled against me together.

11And they said, "God has forsaken him; pursue him and take him because he has no Savior."

12Oh God, do not be far from me! Oh God, stay for my help!

13Those who shut up my soul shall be ashamed and shall be put to shame. Let those who seek my affliction be clothed in shame.

14But I shall pray always and I shall magnify concerning your glory.

15My mouth will proclaim your righteousness, and your praise all the day, because I have not known book writing.

16I shall enter into the manliness of LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall mention your righteousness, I alone!

17God is my teacher from my youth, and when shall I show your wonders?

18Leave me not to old age and seniority until I show your arm and your power to the coming generation!

19And your righteousness, oh God, is unto The Highest Place, and the great things that you have done! Who is like you?

20You have shown me great trouble and evil and you have returned and you have saved me, and even from the depths of the Earth you will return; you will raise me up!

21You have increased my greatness and you have returned and you have comforted me.

22I also shall praise you with the harp and I shall sing your truth; oh God, I shall sing praise to you with the harp, Holy One of Israel!

23And my lips will glory when I shall sing praise to you, and my soul which you have saved.

24And my tongue will confess your righteousness all day, because those who seek my affliction will be ashamed and they will be disgraced.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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