Ecclesiastes 10
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1Dead flies cause a perfumer’s perfume "" To send forth a stink; The precious by reason of wisdom—By reason of honor—a little folly! 2The heart of the wise [is] at his right hand, "" And the heart of a fool at his left. 3And also, when he that is a fool "" Is walking in the way, his heart is lacking, "" And he has said to everyone, “He [is] a fool.” 4If the spirit of the ruler goes up against you, do not leave your place, "" For yielding quiets great sinners.

5There is an evil I have seen under the sun, "" As ignorance that goes out from the ruler, 6He has set the fool in many high places, "" And the rich sits in a low place. 7I have seen servants on horses, "" And princes walking as servants on the earth.

8Whoever is digging a pit falls into it, "" And whoever is breaking a hedge, a serpent bites him. 9Whoever is removing stones is grieved by them, "" Whoever is cleaving trees endangered by them. 10If the iron has been blunt, "" And he has not sharpened the face, "" Then he increases strength, "" And wisdom [is] advantageous to make right. 11If the serpent bites without enchantment, "" Then there is no advantage to a master of the tongue. 12Words of the mouth of the wise [are] gracious, "" And the lips of a fool swallow him up. 13The beginning of the words of his mouth [is] folly, "" And the latter end of his mouth "" [Is] mischievous madness. 14And the fool multiplies words: “Man does not know that which is—And that which is after him, who declares to him?” 15The labor of the foolish wearies him, "" In that he has not known to go to the city. 16Woe to you, O land, when your king [is] a youth, "" And your princes eat in the morning. 17Blessed are you, O land, "" When your king [is] a son of nobles, "" And your princes eat in due season, "" For might, and not for drunkenness. 18By slothfulness is the wall brought low, "" And by idleness of the hands the house drops. 19For mirth they are making a feast, "" And wine makes life joyful, "" And the silver answers with all. 20Even in your mind do not revile a king, "" And in the inner parts of your bed-chamber do not revile the rich: For a bird of the heavens causes the voice to go, "" And a possessor of wings declares the word.

Literal Standard Version
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