Ezekiel 11
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1And [the] Spirit lifts me up, and it brings me to the east gate of the house of YHWH, that is facing the east, and behold, at the opening of the gate [are] twenty-five men, and I see in their midst Jaazaniah son of Azzur, and Pelatiah son of Benaiah, heads of the people. 2And He says to me, “Son of man, these [are] the men who are devising iniquity, and who are giving evil counsel in this city; 3who are saying, It [is] not near—to build houses, it [is] the pot, and we [are] the flesh. 4Therefore prophesy concerning them, prophesy, son of man.”

5And [the] Spirit of YHWH falls on me, and He says to me, “Say, Thus said YHWH: You have said correctly, O house of Israel, "" And I have known the steps of your spirit. 6You multiplied your wounded in this city, "" And filled its out-places with the wounded. 7Therefore, thus said Lord YHWH: Your wounded whom you placed in its midst, "" They [are] the flesh, and it [is] the pot, "" And He has brought you out from its midst. 8You have feared a sword, "" And I bring in a sword against you, "" A declaration of Lord YHWH. 9And I have brought you out of its midst, "" And given you into the hand of strangers, "" And I have done judgments among you. 10You fall by the sword, "" I judge you on the border of Israel, "" And you have known that I [am] YHWH. 11It is not for a pot for you, "" Nor are you for flesh in its midst, "" I judge you at the border of Israel. 12And you have known that I [am] YHWH, "" For you have not walked in My statutes, "" And you have not done My judgments, "" And according to the judgments of the nations "" Who are around you, you have done!”

13And it comes to pass, at my prophesying, that Pelatiah son of Benaiah is dying, and I fall on my face, and cry—a loud voice—and say, “Aah! Lord YHWH, You are making an end of the remnant of Israel.”

14And there is a word of YHWH to me, saying, 15“Son of man, your brothers, your brothers, men of your family, and all the house of Israel—all of it—[are] they to whom inhabitants of Jerusalem have said, Keep far off from YHWH; 16it [is] ours, the land has been given for an inheritance; therefore say, Thus said Lord YHWH: Because I put them far off among nations, "" And because I scattered them through lands, I am also for a little sanctuary to them, "" In lands to where they have gone in. 17Therefore say, Thus said Lord YHWH: And I have assembled you from the peoples, "" And I have gathered you from the lands, "" Into which you have been scattered, "" And I have given the ground of Israel to you. 18And they have gone in there, "" And turned aside all its detestable things, "" And all its abominations—out of it. 19And I have given one heart to them, "" And I give a new spirit in your midst, "" And I have turned the heart of stone out of their flesh, "" And I have given a heart of flesh to them. 20So that they walk in My statutes, "" And keep My judgments, and have done them, "" And they have been to Me for a people, "" And I am to them for God. 21As for those whose heart is going to the heart "" Of their detestable things and their abominations, "" I have put their way on their head, "" A declaration of Lord YHWH.”

22And the cherubim lift up their wings, and the wheels [are] alongside them, and the glory of the God of Israel [is] over them above. 23And the glory of YHWH goes up from off the midst of the city, and stands on the mountain, that [is] on the east of the city. 24And [the] Spirit has lifted me up, and brings me to Chaldea, to the expulsion, in a vision, by [the] Spirit of God, and the vision that I have seen goes up from off me; 25and I speak to the expulsion all the matters of YHWH that He has showed me.

Literal Standard Version
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