Ezekiel 17
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1And there is a word of YHWH to me, saying, 2“Son of man, put forth a riddle, and use an allegory to the house of Israel, 3and you have said, Thus said Lord YHWH: The great eagle, great-winged, long-pinioned, "" Full of feathers, that has diverse colors, "" Has come to Lebanon, "" And he takes the foliage of the cedar, 4He has cropped the top of its tender twigs, "" And he brings it to the land of Canaan. He has placed it in a city of merchants. 5And he takes of the seed of the land, "" And puts it in a field of seed, "" He took [it] by many waters, "" He has set it in a conspicuous place. 6And it springs up, and becomes a spreading vine, humble of stature, "" To turn its thin shoots toward itself, "" And its roots are under it, "" And it becomes a vine, and makes boughs, "" And sends forth beautiful branches.

7And there is another great eagle, "" Great-winged, and abounding with feathers, "" And behold, this vine has bent its roots toward him, "" And it has sent out its thin shoots toward him, "" To water it from the furrows of its planting, 8On a good field, by many waters, it is planted, to make branches, and to bear fruit, to be for a good vine. 9Say, Thus said Lord YHWH: It prospers—does he not draw out its roots, "" And cut off its fruit, and it is withered? [In] all the leaves of its springing it withers, "" And not by great strength, or by numerous people, "" To lift it up by its roots. 10And behold, the planted thing—does it prosper? When the east wind comes against it, does it not utterly wither? On the furrows of its springing it withers.”

11And there is a word of YHWH to me, saying, 12“Now say to the house of rebellion, "" Have you not known what these [are]? Say, Behold, the king of Babylon has come to Jerusalem, "" And he takes its king, and its princes, "" And brings them to himself to Babylon. 13And he takes of the seed of the kingdom, "" And makes a covenant with him, "" And brings him into an oath, "" And he has taken the mighty of the land, 14That the kingdom may be humble, "" That it may not lift itself up, "" To keep his covenant—that it may stand. 15And he rebels against him, "" To send his messengers to Egypt, "" To give to him horses, and many people, "" Does he prosper? Does he who is doing these things escape? And has he broken covenant and escaped? 16[As] I live—a declaration of Lord YHWH, "" Does he not—in the place of the king who is causing him to reign, "" Whose oath he has despised, "" And whose covenant he has broken—die with him in the midst of Babylon? 17And not with a great force, and with a numerous assembly, "" Does Pharaoh maintain him in battle, "" By pouring out a mound, and in building a fortification, "" To cut off many souls. 18And he despised the oath—to break covenant, "" And behold, he has given his hand, "" And all these he has done—he does not escape. 19Therefore, thus said Lord YHWH: [As] I live—My oath that he has despised, "" And My covenant that he has broken, "" Have I not put it on his head? 20And I have spread out My snare for him, "" And he has been caught in My net, "" And I have brought him to Babylon, "" And judged him there [for the] trespass "" That he has trespassed against Me. 21And all his fugitives, with all his bands, "" Fall by sword, and those remaining, "" They are spread out to every wind, "" And you have known that I, YHWH, have spoken.

22Thus said Lord YHWH: I have taken of the foliage of the high cedar, "" And I have set [it], "" I crop a tender one from the top of its tender shoots, "" And I have planted [it] on a high and lofty mountain. 23In a mountain—the high place of Israel, I plant it, "" And it has borne boughs, and yielded fruit, "" And become a good cedar, "" And every bird of every [kind of] wing has dwelt under it, "" They dwell in the shade of its thin shoots. 24And all trees of the field have known "" That I, YHWH, have made the high tree low, "" I have set the low tree on high, "" I have dried up the moist tree, "" And I have caused the dry tree to flourish, "" I, YHWH, have spoken, and have done [it]!”

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