Isaiah 33
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1Woe, spoiler! And you not spoiled, "" And treacherous! And they did not deal treacherously with you, "" When you finish, O spoiler, you are spoiled, "" When you finish dealing treacherously, "" They deal treacherously with you.

2O YHWH, favor us, "" We have waited for You, "" Be their arm, in the mornings, "" Indeed, our salvation in time of adversity.

3From the voice of a multitude peoples have fled, "" From Your exaltation nations have been scattered.

4And Your spoil has been gathered, "" A gathering of the caterpillar, "" As a running to and fro of locusts "" He is running on it.

5YHWH is set on high, for He is dwelling on high, "" He filled Zion [with] judgment and righteousness,

6And has been the steadfastness of your times, "" The strength of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge, "" Fear of YHWH—it [is] His treasure.

7Behold, “Their Ariel,” they have cried outside, "" Messengers of peace weep bitterly.

8Highways have been desolated, "" He who passes along the path has ceased, "" He has broken covenant, "" He has despised enemies, "" He has not esteemed a man.

9The land has mourned, languished, "" Lebanon has been confounded, "" Sharon has been withered as a wilderness, "" And Bashan and Carmel are shaking.

10Now I arise, says YHWH, "" Now I am exalted, now I am lifted up.

11You conceive chaff, you bear stubble; Your spirit—a fire [that] devours you.

12And peoples have been [as] burnings of lime, "" Thorns, as sweepings, they burn with fire.

13Hear, you far off, that which I have done, "" And know, you near ones, My might.

14Sinners have been afraid in Zion, "" Trembling has seized the profane: Who dwells for us—consuming fire, "" Who dwells for us—burnings of the age?

15Whoever is walking righteously, "" And is speaking uprightly, "" Kicking against gain of oppressions, "" Shaking his hands from taking hold on a bribe, "" Stopping his ear from hearing of blood, "" And shutting his eyes from looking on evil,

16He inhabits high places, "" Strongholds of rock [are] his high tower, "" His bread has been given, his waters steadfast.

17Your eyes see a king in his beauty, "" They see a far-off land.

18Your heart meditates [on] terror, "" Where [is] he who is counting? Where [is] he who is weighing? Where [is] he who is counting the towers?

19You do not see the strong people, "" A people deeper of lip than to be understood, "" Of a scorned tongue, there is no understanding.

20See Zion, the city of our meetings, "" Your eyes see Jerusalem—a quiet habitation, "" A tent not taken down, its pins are not removed forever, "" And none of its cords are broken.

21But YHWH [is] mighty for us there, "" A place of rivers—streams of broad sides, "" No ship with oars goes into it, "" And a mighty ship does not pass over it.

22For YHWH, ours who is judging, "" YHWH our lawgiver, "" YHWH our King—He saves us.

23Your ropes have been left, "" They do not correctly strengthen their mast, "" They have not spread out a sail, "" Then a prey of much spoil has been apportioned, "" The lame have taken spoil.

24Nor does an inhabitant say, “I was sick”; The people dwelling in it [are] forgiven of [their] iniquity!

Literal Standard Version
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