Job 19
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1And Job answers and says:

2“Until when do you afflict my soul, "" And bruise me with words?

3These ten times you put me to shame, you do not blush. You make yourselves strange to me—

4And also—truly, I have erred, "" My error remains with me.

5If, truly, you magnify yourselves over me, "" And decide my reproach against me;

6Know now, that God turned me upside down, "" And has set around His net against me,

7Behold, I cry out—violence, and am not answered, I cry aloud, and there is no judgment.

8He hedged up my way, and I do not pass over, "" And He places darkness on my paths.

9He has stripped my honor from off me, "" And He turns the crown from my head.

10He breaks me down all around, and I go, "" And removes my hope like a tree.

11And He kindles His anger against me, "" And reckons me to Him as His adversaries.

12His troops come in together, "" And they raise up their way against me, "" And encamp around my tent.

13He has put my brothers far off from me, "" And my acquaintances have surely been estranged from me.

14My neighbors have ceased "" And my familiar friends have forgotten me,

15Sojourners of my house and my maids, "" Reckon me for a stranger; I have been an alien in their eyes.

16I have called to my servant, "" And he does not answer, "" With my mouth I make supplication to him.

17My spirit is strange to my wife, "" And my favors to the sons of my [mother’s] womb.

18Also sucklings have despised me, I rise, and they speak against me.

19All the men of my counsel detest me, "" And those I have loved, "" Have been turned against me.

20To my skin and to my flesh "" My bone has cleaved, "" And I deliver myself with the skin of my teeth.

21Pity me, pity me, you my friends, "" For the hand of God has struck against me.

22Why do you pursue me as God? And are not satisfied with my flesh?

23Who grants now, that my words may be written? Who grants that they may be inscribed in a scroll?

24With a pen of iron and lead—They may be hewn in a rock forever.

25That—I have known my Redeemer, "" The Living and the Last, "" For He raises the dust.

26And after my skin has surrounded this [body], "" Then from my flesh I see God—

27Whom I see on my side, "" And my eyes have beheld, and not a stranger, "" My reins have been consumed in my bosom.

28But you say, Why do we pursue after him? And the root of the matter has been found in me.

29Be afraid because of the sword, "" For the punishments of the sword [are] furious, "" That you may know that [there is] a judgment.”

Literal Standard Version
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