Job 5
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1“Pray, call, is there any to answer you? And to which of the holy ones do you turn?

2For provocation slays the perverse, "" And envy puts to death the simple,

3I have seen the perverse taking root, "" And I mark his habitation straight away,

4His sons are far from safety, "" And they are bruised in the gate, "" And there is no deliverer.

5Whose harvest the hungry eat, "" And even take it from the thorns, "" And the designing swallowed their wealth.

6For sorrow does not come forth from the dust, "" Nor does misery spring up from the ground.

7For man is born to misery, "" And the sparks go high to fly.

8Yet I inquire for God, "" And for God I give my word,

9Doing great things, and there is no searching. Wonderful, until there is no numbering.

10Who is giving rain on the face of the land, "" And is sending waters on the out-places.

11To set the low on a high place, "" And the mourners have been high [in] safety.

12Making void thoughts of the cunning, "" And their hands do not execute wisdom.

13Capturing the wise in their subtlety, "" And the counsel of wrestling ones was hurried,

14By day they meet darkness, "" And as night—they grope at noon.

15He saves the needy from the sword in their mouth, "" And from a strong hand,

16And there is hope for the poor, "" And perverseness has shut her mouth.

17Behold, the blessedness of mortal man, "" God reproves him: And do not despise the discipline of the Mighty,

18For He pains, and He binds up, "" He strikes, and His hands heal.

19In six distresses He delivers you, "" And in seven evil does not strike on you.

20In famine He has redeemed you from death, "" And in battle from the hands of the sword.

21When the tongue scourges you are hid, "" And you are not afraid of destruction, "" When it comes.

22At destruction and at hunger you mock, "" And of the beast of the earth, "" You are not afraid.

23(For with sons of the field [is] your covenant, "" And the beast of the field "" Has been at peace with you.)

24And you have known that your tent [is] peace, "" And inspected your habitation, and do not err,

25And have known that your seed [is] numerous, "" And your offspring as the herb of the earth;

26You come in full age to the grave, "" As the going up of a stalk in its season.

27Behold, this—we searched it out—it [is] right, listen; And you, know for yourself!”

Literal Standard Version
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