Psalm 9
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1TO THE OVERSEER. [SET] ON “DEATH OF THE SON.” A PSALM OF DAVID. I confess, O YHWH, with all my heart, || I recount all Your wonders,

2I rejoice and exult in You, || I praise Your Name, O Most High.

3In my enemies turning backward, || They stumble and perish from Your face.

4For You have done my judgment and my right. You have sat on a throne, || Judging [with] righteousness.

5You have rebuked nations, || You have destroyed the wicked, || You have blotted out their name for all time and forever.

6The enemy—[your] destructions have been completed forever, || As for cities you have plucked up, || Their memorial has perished with them.

7And YHWH abides for all time, || He is preparing His throne for judgment.

8And He judges the world in righteousness, || He judges the peoples in uprightness.

9And YHWH is a tower for the bruised, || A tower for times of adversity.

10They trust in You who know Your Name, || For You have not forsaken those seeking You, O YHWH.

11Sing praise to YHWH, inhabiting Zion, || Declare His acts among the peoples,

12For He who is seeking for blood || Has remembered them, || He has not forgotten the cry of the afflicted.

13Favor me, O YHWH, || See my affliction by those hating me, || You who lift me up from the gates of death,

14So that I recount all Your praise, || In the gates of the daughter of Zion. I rejoice on Your salvation.

15Nations have sunk in a pit they made, || Their foot has been captured in a net that they hid.

16YHWH has been known, || He has done judgment; By a work of his hands || The wicked has been snared. Meditation. Selah.

17The wicked turn back to Sheol, || All nations forgetting God.

18For the needy is not forgotten forever, || [Nor] the hope of the humble lost for all time.

19Rise, O YHWH, do not let man be strong, || Let nations be judged before Your face.

20Appoint them to fear, O YHWH, || Let nations know they [are] men! Selah.

Literal Standard Version
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