Psalm 90
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1A PRAYER OF MOSES, THE MAN OF GOD. Lord, You have been a habitation, "" To us—in generation and generation,

2Before mountains were brought forth, "" And You form the earth and the world, "" Even from age to age You [are] God.

3You turn man to a bruised thing, "" And say, Return, you sons of men.

4For one thousand years in Your eyes [are] as yesterday, "" For it passes on, indeed, [as] a watch by night.

5You have inundated them, they are asleep, "" In the morning he changes as grass.

6In the morning it flourishes, and has changed, "" At evening it is cut down, and has withered.

7For we were consumed in Your anger, "" And we have been troubled in Your fury.

8You have set our iniquities before You, "" Our hidden things at the light of Your face,

9For all our days pined away in Your wrath, "" We consumed our years as a meditation.

10The days of our years, in them [are] seventy years, "" And if, by reason of might, eighty years, "" Yet their enlargement [is] labor and vanity, "" For it has been cut off quickly, and we fly away.

11Who knows the power of Your anger? And according to Your fear—Your wrath?

12Let [us] know to number our days correctly, "" And we bring the heart to wisdom.

13Turn back, O YHWH, until when? And regret concerning Your servants.

14Satisfy us at morning [with] Your kindness, "" And we sing and rejoice all our days.

15Cause us to rejoice according to the days "" Wherein You have afflicted us, "" The years we have seen evil.

16Let Your work appear to Your servants, "" And Your honor on their sons.

17And let the pleasantness of our God YHWH be on us, "" And establish on us the work of our hands, "" Indeed, establish the work of our hands!

Literal Standard Version
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