Acts 25
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Paul’s Trial before Festus

1Three days after his arrival in the province, Festus went from Cesarea to Jerusalem: 2when the high priest and the chief of the Jews waited upon him with an information against Paul, 3"desiring the favour he might be sent for to Jerusalem." they having prepar'd measures to assassinate him upon the road. 4Festus answer'd, that Paul was in custody at Cesarea, where he design'd to be himself e'er long: 5the most considerable, said he, among you may go with me, and if he has committed any crime, let 'em begin the process.

6Having staid above eight, nay ten days, he went to Cesarea, and on the morrow mounting the tribunal, he order'd Paul to be brought before him. 7when he appear'd, the Jews, who were come from Jerusalem presented themselves before Festus, and loaded Paul with abundance of accusations, which they were not able to prove. 8to this he answer'd, "I have not been guilty of any misdemeanour, either against the law, or against the temple, or against Cesar." 9but Festus willing to oblige the Jews ask'd him, will you consent to go to Jerusalem, and take your trial before me there?

Paul Appeals to Caesar

10"I stand, said Paul, to the tribunal of Cesar, where I ought to be judged, to the Jews I have done no wrong, as you yourself very well know. 11if I am guilty of any capital crime, I am contented to die, but since their accusations are all groundless, that I may not be sacrificed to their humour, I appeal to Cesar." 12upon this, Festus having deliberated with his council, answer'd, "since you have appeal'd to Cesar, to Cesar you shall go."

Festus Consults Agrippa

13Some days after, king Agrippa and Bernice came to Cesarea to make Festus a visit. 14as they continued there for some time, Festus represented Paul's case to the king: Felix, said he, had left here a certain prisoner: 15and when I was at Jerusalem, the chief priests and senators of the Jews made their appearance, and demanded to have justice against him. 16I told them, it was not the custom of the Romans to deliver up any man, till he was accus'd and confronted by his accusers, and had an opportunity of pleading to the charge. 17the next day after they were come, to avoid delay, I mounted the tribunal, and order'd the man to be brought. 18when his accusers appear'd, they did not charge him with any such crimes as I imagined they would. 19they objected certain articles that related only to their superstition, and to one Jesus that was dead, but Paul asserted he was alive. 20being at a loss how to determine such an affair, I ask'd him if he would go to Jerusalem, and take his tryal there. 21but Paul having made his appeal, insisting to have his cause refer'd to the cognizance of the emperor, I order'd him into custody, till I could send him to Cesar. 22thereupon Agrippa told Festus, he himself should be glad to hear the man, to-morrow, said Festus, you shall hear him.

Paul before Agrippa and Bernice

23On the morrow Agrippa and Bernice came in great state, and being introduc'd into the court attended by the officers and the principal men of the city, Festus gave the word, and Paul was brought to the Bar. 24then Festus said, "King Agrippa, and you that are here present, you see the man, against whom a numerous body of the Jews have been practising with me both at Jerusalem, and in this city, urging with vehemence, that he should not be suffer'd to live. 25but finding he had done nothing that deserv'd death, I have resolved to send him to the emperor, to whom he had appealed. 26as I have no certain account to communicate to the emperor my master, I caus'd him to appear before this assembly, and before you, king Agrippa, in particular, that after he is examin'd, I may know how to represent the affair; 27for it seems to me absurd to send a prisoner without expressing the crimes laid to his charge."

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