Psalm 60:3
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New International Version
You have shown your people desperate times; you have given us wine that makes us stagger.

King James Bible
Thou hast shewed thy people hard things: thou hast made us to drink the wine of astonishment.

Darby Bible Translation
Thou hast shewn thy people hard things; thou hast made us to drink the wine of bewilderment.

World English Bible
You have shown your people hard things. You have made us drink the wine that makes us stagger.

Young's Literal Translation
Thou hast shewn Thy people a hard thing, Thou hast caused us to drink wine of trembling.

Psalm 60:3 Parallel
Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

Thou hast made us to drink the wine of astonishment - We reel as drunken men; we are giddy, like those who have drank too much wine; but our giddiness has been occasioned by the astonishment and dismay that have taken place in consequence of the prevalence of our enemies, and the unsettled state of the land. It has been remarked that the three first verses of this Psalm do not agree with the rest, and it also appears that the three first verses of Psalm 85:1-13 : do not agree with the rest of that Psalm. But let them change places, and the three first verses of this be set instead of the three first verses of Psalm 85. and let those be placed here instead of these and then the whole of each Psalm will be consistent. This was first suggested by Bishop Hare, and the supposition seems to be well founded. Some imagine that the whole of the Psalm refers to the distracted state of the land after the death of Saul till the time that David was anointed king over all Israel, at Hebron; others, to the disastrous war with the Syrians. See before.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Psalm 71:20 You, which have showed me great and sore troubles, shall quicken me again, and shall bring me up again from the depths of the earth.

Nehemiah 9:32 Now therefore, our God, the great, the mighty, and the terrible God, who keep covenant and mercy...

Daniel 9:12 And he has confirmed his words, which he spoke against us, and against our judges that judged us, by bringing on us a great evil...

to drink

Psalm 75:8 For in the hand of the LORD there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he pours out of the same...

Isaiah 51:17,22 Awake, awake, stand up, O Jerusalem, which have drunk at the hand of the LORD the cup of his fury...

Jeremiah 25:15 For thus said the LORD God of Israel to me; Take the wine cup of this fury at my hand, and cause all the nations, to whom I send you...

Lamentations 4:21 Rejoice and be glad, O daughter of Edom, that dwell in the land of Uz; the cup also shall pass through to you: you shall be drunken...

Ezekiel 23:31,32 You have walked in the way of your sister; therefore will I give her cup into your hand...

Habakkuk 2:16 You are filled with shame for glory: drink you also, and let your foreskin be uncovered...

Revelation 16:19 And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God...

Revelation 18:16 And saying, Alas, alas that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold...

Moab is My Washpot
What does Moab represent to you and to me? We are the children of Israel by faith in Christ, and in him we have obtained by covenant a promised land. Our faith may cry, "I will divide Shechem, and mete out the valles of Succoth." All things are ours in Christ Jesus; "Gilead is mine, and Manasseh is mine." Now Moab was outside of Canaan. It was not given to Israel as a possession, but in course of time it was subdued in warfare, and became tributary to the Jewish king. Even thus our faith overcometh
Charles Haddon Spurgeon—Spurgeon's Sermons Volume 17: 1871

Vehicles of Revelation; Scripture, the Church, Tradition.
(a) The supreme and unique revelation of God to man is in the Person of the Incarnate Son. But though unique the Incarnation is not solitary. Before it there was the divine institution of the Law and the Prophets, the former a typical anticipation (de Incarn. 40. 2) of the destined reality, and along with the latter (ib. 12. 2 and 5) for all the world a holy school of the knowledge of God and the conduct of the soul.' After it there is the history of the life and teaching of Christ and the writings
Athanasius—Select Works and Letters or Athanasius

Cross References
Job 21:20
Let their own eyes see their destruction; let them drink the cup of the wrath of the Almighty.

Psalm 66:12
You let people ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance.

Psalm 71:20
Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up.

Psalm 75:8
In the hand of the LORD is a cup full of foaming wine mixed with spices; he pours it out, and all the wicked of the earth drink it down to its very dregs.

Isaiah 21:2
A dire vision has been shown to me: The traitor betrays, the looter takes loot. Elam, attack! Media, lay siege! I will bring to an end all the groaning she caused.

Isaiah 51:17
Awake, awake! Rise up, Jerusalem, you who have drunk from the hand of the LORD the cup of his wrath, you who have drained to its dregs the goblet that makes people stagger.

Isaiah 51:22
This is what your Sovereign LORD says, your God, who defends his people: "See, I have taken out of your hand the cup that made you stagger; from that cup, the goblet of my wrath, you will never drink again.

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Astonishment Bewilderment Caused Desperate Drink Experience Hard Hardship Makes Reel Shaking Shewed Shewn Shown Stagger Staggering Suffer Times Trembling Wine
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