Job 30
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Job’s Honor Turned to Contempt

1But now the youngest have laughed me to scorn, now they reprove me in their turn, whose fathers I set at nought; whom I did not deem worthy to be with my shepherd dogs.

2Yea, why had I the strength of their hands? for them the full term of life was lost.

3One is childless in want and famine, such as they that fled but lately the distress and misery of drought.

4Who compass the salt places on the sounding shore, who had salt herbs for their food, and were dishonorable and of no repute, in want of every good thing; who also ate roots of trees by reason of great hunger.

5Thieves have risen up against me,

6whose houses were the caves of the rocks, who lived under the wild shrubs.

7They will cry out among the rustling bushes.

8They are sons of fools and vile men, whose name and glory are quenched from off the earth.

9But now I am their music, and they have me for a by-word.

10And they stood aloof and abhorred me, and spared not to spit in my face.

11For he has opened his quiver and afflicted me: they also have cast off the restraint of my presence.

12They have risen up against me on the right hand of their offspring; they have stretched out their foot, and directed against me the ways of their destruction.

13My paths are ruined; for they have stripped off my raiment: he has shot at me with his weapons.

14And he has pleaded against me as he will: I am overwhelmed with pains.

Job’s Prosperity Becomes Calamity

15My pains return upon me; my hope is gone like the wind, and my safety as a cloud.

16Even now my life shall be poured forth upon me; and days of anguish seize me.

17And by night my bones are confounded; and my sinews are relaxed.

18With great force my disease has taken hold of my garment: it has compassed me as the collar of my coat.

19And thou hast counted me as clay; my portion in dust and ashes.

20And I have cried to thee, but thou hearest me not: but they stood still, and observed me.

21They attacked me also without mercy: thou hast scourged me with a strong hand.

22And thou hast put me to grief, and hast cast me away from safety.

23For I know that death will destroy me: for the earth is the house appointed for every mortal.

24Oh then that I might lay hands upon myself, or at least ask another, and he should do this for me.

25Yet I wept over every helpless man; I groaned when I saw a man in distress.

26But I, when I waited for good things, behold, days of evils came the more upon me.

27My belly boiled, and would not cease: the days of poverty prevented me.

28I went mourning without restraint: and I have stood and cried out in the assembly.

29I am become a brother of monsters, and a companion of ostriches.

30And my skin has been greatly blackened, and my bones are burned with heat.

31My harp also has been turned into mourning, and my song into my weeping.

The English translation of The Septuagint by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton (1851)

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