Job 13
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Job Prepares His Case

1Behold all mine eye saw, and mine ear heard, and it will understand for it.

2According to your knowledge I knew also: I fall not more than you.

3But I will speak to the Almighty; I shall delight to plead before God.

4And on the contrary, ye devise falsehood; physicians all of you for nothing.

5Who will give silence? Ye shall be silent, and it shall be to you for wisdom.

6Hear now my proof, and attend to the pleadings of my lips.

7Will ye speak wickedness for God? and will ye speak deceit to him?

8Will ye accept his face? will ye contend for God?

9Is it good that he shall search you out? or as he mocking against a man; will ye mock against him?

10Reproving, he will reprove you if in secret ye lift up faces.

11Shall not his majesty make you afraid? and his terror fall upon you?

12Your remembrances being likened to ashes, your backs to backs of clay.

13Be silent from me and I will speak what shall pass upon me.

14For what shall I lift up my flesh in my teeth, and shall I put my soul in my hand?

15If he shall slay me shall I not hope? only I will prove my ways to his face.

16Also he is to me for salvation for a profane one shall not come before him.

17Hearing, hear ye my words, and my declaration in your ears.

18Behold now I set in order judgment; I knew that I shall be justified.

19Who is he will contend with me? for now shall I be silent and expire;

20Only two things thou wilt not do with me: then I shall not hide from thy face.

21Remove thy hand far from me, and thy terror shall not make me afraid.

22And call and I will answer, and I shall speak, and turn thou to me.

23How many iniquities and sins to me? make known to me my transgression and my sin.

24Why wilt thou hide thy face, and reckon me for an enemy to thee?

25Wilt thou terrify the scattered leaf? and wilt thou pursue the dry straw?

26For thou wilt write bitter things against me; and thou wilt give me to inherit the iniquities of my youth.

27And thou wilt set my feet in the stocks, and thou wilt watch all my paths; thou wilt dig round the roots of my feet.

28And he as rottenness will fall away; as a garment the moth ate it.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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