Joshua 2
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Rahab Welcomes the Spies
(Hebrews 11:30–31)

1And Joshua son of Nun will send out of Shittim two men spying silently, saying, Go see the land and Jericho. And they will go, and will come to the house of a woman, a harlot, and her name Rahab; and they will lie there. 2And it will be said to the king of Jericho, Behold, men came here this night from the sons of Israel to search out the land. 3And the king of Jericho will send to Rahab, saying, Bring forth the men having come to thee, which came to thy house: for to search out the land they came. 4And the woman will take the two men and hide them, and will say thus, Two men came to me, and I knew not from whence they were. 5And it will be for the shutting the gate in darkness, and the men went forth, and I knew not whither the men went; pursue quickly after them, for ye shall overtake them. 6And she brought them up to the roof, and she will hide them in woody flax arranged by her upon the roof. 7And the men pursued after them the way of Jordan at the passages: and they shut the gate afterwards as they pursuing after them went forth.

The Promise to Rahab

8And before they will lie down; and she went up to them upon the roof; 9And she will say to the men, I knew that Jehovah gave to you the land, and that your terror fell upon us, and that all the inhabitants of the land melted from your face. 10For we heard that Jehovah dried up the water of the sea of sedge from before you, in your coming out of Egypt; and what ye did to the two kings of the Amorites that were upon the other side of Jordan, to Sihon and to Og, whom ye destroyed them. 11And hearing, our heart will melt and there rose up no more spirit in a man on account of your face: For Jehovah your God, he the God in the heavens from above and upon the earth beneath. 12And now, swear now to me by Jehovah, as I did with you mercy, and do ye also mercy with the house of my father, and give to me a true sign. 13And preserve alive my father and my mother, and my brethren, and my sisters, and all which is to them, and take away our souls from death. 14And the men will say to her, Our soul instead of yours to die if ye shall not announce this our word. And it being in Jehovah's giving to us the land, and we did with thee mercy and truth.

15And she will let them down by a cord through the window; for her house was upon the wall side and she will dwell upon the wall. 16And she will say to them, Go to the mountain, lest they pursuing shall meet with you; and hide yourselves there three days till they pursuing turn back: and afterward ye shall go to your way. 17And the men will say to her, We are free from this thine oath which thou caused us to swear. 18Behold, we come into the land, thou shalt bind the line of this scarlet thread in the window which thou didst let us down by it: and thy father and thy mother and thy brethren, and all thy father's house thou shalt gather to thee to the house. 19And it was all which went forth out of the doors of thy house without, his blood upon his head and we are free, and all which shall be with thee in the house, his blood upon our head if a hand shall be upon him. 20And if thou shalt announce this our word, and we were free from thine oath which thou didst cause us to swear. 21And she will say, According to your words so be it. And she will send them away and they will go: and she will bind the scarlet cord in the window.

22And they will go, and will come to the mountain, and will dwell there three days till they pursuing turned back: and they pursuing will seek in all the way, and they found not. 23And the two men will turn back and come down from the mountain, and will pass over, and will come to Joshua the son of Nun, and will recount to him all things having found them. 24And they will say to Joshua that Jehovah gave into our hand all the land; and also all the inhabitants of the land melted from before us.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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