Nahum 2
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The Overthrow of Nineveh

1The hammer came up upon thy face: press upon the fortress, look about the way, strengthen the loins, make the power strong greatly.

2For Jehovah turned back the pride of Jacob as the pride of Israel: for they emptying emptied them out, they corrupted their vine-shoots.

3The shield of the strong ones being red, the men of strength being clothed in scarlet: with fire of irons the chariots in the day of his preparing, and the cypresses were made to tremble.

4The chariots shall be mad in the streets, they shall run up and down in the broad places: their appearance as flames; as lightnings shall they run.

5He shall make mention of his chiefs: they shall be weak in their goings; they shall hasten to her wall, and the covering was prepared.

6The gates of the rivers were opened, and the temple melted away.

7It was fixed, she was led away captive, she went up and her maids being led as the voice of doves smiting upon their heart.

8And Nineveh it is as a pool of water from the days, and they fleeing, stood: they stood, and none looking back.

9They plundered silver, they plundered gold: and no end to her splendid equipage; glory from all the vessels of desire.

10She was emptied, and being emptied, and being made empty: and the heart melted, and a wavering of the knees, and trembling in all loins, and the face of them all gathered a glow.

11Where is the dwelling of the lions and that pasture for the young lions where the lion went, the lioness there, the lion's whelp, and none terrifying?

12The lion tore in pieces the sufficiency of his whelps, and strangling for his lionesses; and his holes shall be filled with the prey, and his dens with that torn in pieces.

13Behold me against thee, says Jehovah of armies; and I burnt her chariot in the smoke, and the sword shall devour thy young lions, and I cut of thy prey from the land, and the voice of her messengers shall no more be heard.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

Section Headings Courtesy Berean Bible

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