Haggai 1:8
Text Analysis
5927 [e]עֲל֥וּ
Go upV-Qal-Imp-mp
2022 [e]הָהָ֛ר
to the mountainsArt | N-ms
935 [e]וַהֲבֵאתֶ֥ם
and bringConj-w | V-Hifil-ConjPerf-2mp
6086 [e]עֵ֖ץ
1129 [e]וּבְנ֣וּ
and buildConj-w | V-Qal-Imp-mp
1004 [e]הַבָּ֑יִת
the templeArt | N-ms
7521 [e]וְאֶרְצֶה־
that I may take pleasureConj-w | V-Qal-ConjImperf.h-1cs
in itPrep | 3ms
-Conjunctive waw :: Verb - Nifal - Conjunctive imperfect - first person common singular Conj-w | V-Nifal-ConjImperf-1cs
3513 [e](וְאֶכָּבְדָ֖ה)
and be glorifiedConj-w | V-Nifal-ConjImperf.Cohort-1cs
559 [e]אָמַ֥ר
3068 [e]יְהוָֽה׃

Hebrew Texts
חגי 1:8 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
עֲל֥וּ הָהָ֛ר וַהֲבֵאתֶ֥ם עֵ֖ץ וּבְנ֣וּ הַבָּ֑יִת וְאֶרְצֶה־בֹּ֥ו [וְאֶכָּבֵד כ] (וְאֶכָּבְדָ֖ה ק) אָמַ֥ר יְהוָֽה׃

חגי 1:8 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
עלו ההר והבאתם עץ ובנו הבית וארצה־בו [ואכבד כ] (ואכבדה ק) אמר יהוה׃

חגי 1:8 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
עלו ההר והבאתם עץ ובנו הבית וארצה־בו [ואכבד כ] (ואכבדה ק) אמר יהוה׃

חגי 1:8 Hebrew Bible
עלו ההר והבאתם עץ ובנו הבית וארצה בו ואכבד אמר יהוה׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"Go up to the mountains, bring wood and rebuild the temple, that I may be pleased with it and be glorified," says the LORD.

King James Bible
Go up to the mountain, and bring wood, and build the house; and I will take pleasure in it, and I will be glorified, saith the LORD.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Go up into the hills, bring down lumber, and build the house. Then I will be pleased with it and be glorified," says the LORD."
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


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