Isaiah 19:7
Text Analysis
6169 [e]עָר֥וֹת
The papyrus reedsN-fp
5921 [e]עַל־
2975 [e]יְא֖וֹר
the NileN-proper-fs
5921 [e]עַל־
6310 [e]פִּ֣י
the mouthN-msc
2975 [e]יְא֑וֹר
of the NileN-proper-fs
3605 [e]וְכֹל֙
and everythingConj-w | N-msc
4218 [e]מִזְרַ֣ע
2975 [e]יְא֔וֹר
by the NileN-proper-fs
3001 [e]יִיבַ֥שׁ
will witherV-Qal-Imperf-3ms
5086 [e]נִדַּ֖ף
be driven awayV-Nifal-Perf-3ms
369 [e]וְאֵינֶֽנּוּ׃
and be no moreConj-w | Adv | 3ms

Hebrew Texts
ישעה 19:7 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
עָרֹ֥ות עַל־יְאֹ֖ור עַל־פִּ֣י יְאֹ֑ור וְכֹל֙ מִזְרַ֣ע יְאֹ֔ור יִיבַ֥שׁ נִדַּ֖ף וְאֵינֶֽנּוּ׃

ישעה 19:7 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
ערות על־יאור על־פי יאור וכל מזרע יאור ייבש נדף ואיננו׃

ישעה 19:7 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
ערות על־יאור על־פי יאור וכל מזרע יאור ייבש נדף ואיננו׃

ישעה 19:7 Hebrew Bible
ערות על יאור על פי יאור וכל מזרע יאור ייבש נדף ואיננו׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
The bulrushes by the Nile, by the edge of the Nile And all the sown fields by the Nile Will become dry, be driven away, and be no more.

King James Bible
The paper reeds by the brooks, by the mouth of the brooks, and every thing sown by the brooks, shall wither, be driven away, and be no more.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
The reeds by the Nile, by the mouth of the river, and all the cultivated areas of the Nile will wither, blow away, and vanish.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Isaiah 32:20 Blessed are you that sow beside all waters, that send forth thither …

Jeremiah 14:4 Because the ground is beat down, for there was no rain in the earth, …

Ezekiel 19:13 And now she is planted in the wilderness, in a dry and thirsty ground.

Joel 1:17,18 The seed is rotten under their clods, the garners are laid desolate, …

be no more. Heb. shall not be

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