Isaiah 29:1
Text Analysis
1945 [e]ה֚וֹי
740 [e]אֲרִיאֵ֣ל
to ArielN-proper-fs
740 [e]אֲרִיאֵ֔ל
to ArielN-proper-fs
7151 [e]קִרְיַ֖ת
the cityN-fsc
2583 [e]חָנָ֣ה
[where] dweltV-Qal-Perf-3ms
1732 [e]דָוִ֑ד
5595 [e]סְפ֥וּ
8141 [e]שָׁנָ֛ה
5921 [e]עַל־
8141 [e]שָׁנָ֖ה
2282 [e]חַגִּ֥ים
5362 [e]יִנְקֹֽפוּ׃
let come aroundV-Qal-Imperf-3mp

Hebrew Texts
ישעה 29:1 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
הֹ֚וי אֲרִיאֵ֣ל אֲרִיאֵ֔ל קִרְיַ֖ת חָנָ֣ה דָוִ֑ד סְפ֥וּ שָׁנָ֛ה עַל־שָׁנָ֖ה חַגִּ֥ים יִנְקֹֽפוּ׃

ישעה 29:1 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
הוי אריאל אריאל קרית חנה דוד ספו שנה על־שנה חגים ינקפו׃

ישעה 29:1 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
הוי אריאל אריאל קרית חנה דוד ספו שנה על־שנה חגים ינקפו׃

ישעה 29:1 Hebrew Bible
הוי אריאל אריאל קרית חנה דוד ספו שנה על שנה חגים ינקפו׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Woe, O Ariel, Ariel the city where David once camped! Add year to year, observe your feasts on schedule.

King James Bible
Woe to Ariel, to Ariel, the city where David dwelt! add ye year to year; let them kill sacrifices.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Woe to Ariel, Ariel, the city where David camped! Continue year after year; let the festivals recur.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

A.M.3292. B.C.712
woe. etc. or, O Ariel, that is the lion of God

Isaiah 31:9 And he shall pass over to his strong hold for fear, and his princes …

Ezekiel 43:15,16 So the altar shall be four cubits; and from the altar and upward …

the city. or, of the city

2 Samuel 5:9 So David dwelled in the fort, and called it the city of David. And …


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Amos 4:4,5 Come to Bethel, and transgress; at Gilgal multiply transgression; …

Hebrews 10:1 For the law having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very …

kill. Heb. cut off the heads

Isaiah 66:3 He that kills an ox is as if he slew a man; he that sacrifices a …

Micah 6:6,7 With which shall I come before the LORD, and bow myself before the …

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