1 Corinthians 12
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Spiritual Gifts

1In spirituall thinges brethren I wolde not have you ignoraunt. 2Ye knowe that ye were gentyls and went youre wayes vnto domme ydoles even as ye were ledde. 3Wherfore I declare vnto you that no man speakynge in the sprete of god defieth Iesus. Also no man can saye that Iesus is the lorde: but by the holy goost.

4Ther are diversities of gyftes verely yet but one sprete. 5And ther are differences of administracions and yet but one lorde. 6And ther are divers maners of operacions and yet but one God which worketh all thinges that are wrought in all creatures. 7The gyftes of ye sprete are geven to every man to proffit ye congregacion. 8To one is geven thorow the spirite the vtteraunce of wisdome? To another is geven the vtteraunce of knowledge by ye same sprete. 9To another is geuen fayth by ye same sprete. To another ye gyftes of healynge by the same sprete. 10To another power to do myracles. To another prophesie? To another iudgement of spretes. To another divers tonges. To another the interpretacion of toges. 11And these all worketh eve ye silfe same sprete devydynge to every man severall gyftes even as he will.

The Body of Christ

12For as the body is one and hath many mebres and all the membres of one body though they be many yet are but one body: even so is Christ. 13For in one sprete are we all baptysed to make one body whether we be Iewes or getyls whether we be bonde or fre: and have all dronke of one sprete.

14For the body is not one member but many. 15Yf the fote saye: I am not the honde therfore I am not of the body: is he therfore not of ye body: 16And if ye eare saye I am not the eye: therfore I am not of the body: is he therfore not of the body? 17If all the body were an eye where were then the eare? If all were hearynge: where were the smellynge? 18But now hath god disposed the membres every one of them in the body at his awne pleasure. 19If they were all one member: where were the body? 20Now are ther many membres yet but one body. 21And the eye can not saye vnto the honde I have no nede of the: nor ye heed also to the fete. I have no nede of you. 22Ye rather a greate deale those mebres of the body which seme to be most feble are most necessary. 23And apo those mebres of yt body which we thinke lest honest put we most honestie on. And oure vngodly parties have most beauty on. 24For oure honest members nede it not. But God hath so disposed the body ad hath geven most honoure to that parte which laked 25lest there shuld be eny stryfe in the body: but that the members shuld indifferetly care one for another. 26And yf one member suffer all suffer with him: yf one member be had in honoure all members be glad also.

The Greater Gifts

27Ye are the body of Christ and members one of another.

28And God hath also ordeyned in the congregacion fyrst the Apostels secodarely prophetes thyrdly teachers then the that do miracles: after that the gyftes of healynge helpers governers diversite of tonges. 29Are all Apostles? Are all Prophetes? Are all teachers? Are all doars of miracles? 30Have all the gyftes of healinge? Do all speake wt tonges? Do all interprete? 31Covet after ye best giftes. Amd yet shewe I vnto you a moare excellent waye.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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