Philippians 1
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Greetings from Paul and Timothy
(Colossians 1:1–2; Philemon 1:1–3)

1Paul and Timotheus the servauntes of Iesu Christ To all ye sainctes in Christ Iesu which are at Philippos with ye Bisshops and Deacons. 2Grace be with you and peace from God oure father and from the Lorde Iesus Christ.

Thanksgiving and Prayer
(1 Corinthians 1:4–9; Colossians 1:3–14)

3I thanke my God with all remembraunce of you 4all wayes in all my prayers for you and praye with gladnes 5because of the fellowshyp which ye have in the gospell from the fyrst daye vnto now: 6and am suerly certified of this that he which beganne a good worke in you shall go forthe with it vntyll the daye of Iesus Christ 7as it becometh me so to iudge of you all because I have you in my herte and have you also every one companios of grace with me even in my bondes as I defende and stablysshe the gospell. 8For God beareth me recorde how greatly I longe after you all from the very herte rote in Iesus Christ. 9And this I praye yt youre love maye increace more and more in knowledge and in all fealinge 10that ye myght accepte thinges most excellent that ye myght be p ure and soche as shuld hurte no manes conscience vntyll the daye of Christ 11filled with the frutes of rightewesnes which frutes come by Iesus Christ vnto the glory and laude of God.

Paul’s Trials Advance the Gospel
(James 1:2–12)

12I wolde ye vnderstode brethern that my busynes is happened vnto the greater furtherynge of the gospell. 13So that my bondes in Christ are manyfest thorow out all the iudgement hall and in all other places: 14In so moche that many of the brethre in ye lorde are boldned thorow my bodes and dare more largely speake the worde with out feare. 15Some ther are which preache Christ of envie and stryfe and some of good wyll. 16The one parte preacheth Christ of stryfe and not purely supposinge to adde more adversitie to my bondes. 17The other parte of love because they se that I am set to defend the gospell. 18What then? So that Christ be preached all maner wayes whether it be by occasion or of true meaninge I therin ioye: ye and will ioye. 19For I knowe that this shall chaunce to my salvacion thorow youre prayer and ministringe of the sprete of Iesu Christ 20as I hertely loke for and hope that in nothinge I shalbe ashamed: but that with all confidence as all wayes in tymes past even so now Christ shalbe magnified in my body whether it be thorowe lyfe or els deeth.

To Live Is Christ

21For Christ is to me lyfe and deeth is to me a vauntage. 22Yf it chaunce me to live in the flesshe that is to me frutefull forto worke and what to chose I wote not. 23I am constrayned of two thinges: I desyre to be lowsed and to be with Christ which thinge is best of all. 24Neverthelesse to abyde in the flesshe is moare nedfull for you. 25And this am I sure of that I shall abyde and with you all continue for the furtheraunce and ioye of youre fayth 26that ye maye moare aboundantly reioyce in Iesus Christ thorowe me by my comminge to you agayne.

Worthy of the Gospel

27Only let yovre conversacion be as it be cometh the gospell of Christ: that whether I come and se you or els be absent I maye yet heare of you that ye contynue in one sprete and in one soule labouringe as we do to mayntayne the fayth of the gospell 28and in nothynge fearinge youre adversaries: which is to them a token of perdicion and to you of salvacion and that of God. 29For vnto you it is geven that not only ye shulde beleve on Christ: but also suffre for his sake 30and have eve the same fight which ye sawe me have and now heare of me.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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