Romans 7
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1Or do you not know, my brethren, for I speak to those who know The Written Law, that The Written Law has authority over a man as long as he lives, 2As a woman is bound by the law to her lord as long as he lives? But if her husband is dead, she has been freed from The Written Law of her husband. 3But if while her lord lives, she shall leave for another man, she becomes an adulteress to him, but if her lord should die, she has been freed from The Written Law, and she is not an adulteress if another man should have her.

4And now, my brethren, you also have died to The Written Law with the body of The Messiah that you would be for another, The One who arose from the dead, that you would yield fruit to God. 5When we were in the flesh, the diseases of sin, which are by The Written Law, worked diligently in the members that we might yield fruit to death. 6But now we have been exempted from The Written Law, and we are dead to that which had controlled us, so that we shall serve from now on in the newness of The Spirit and not in the Old Order Scriptures.

7What therefore shall we say? Is The Written Law sin? God forbid! But I would not have learned sin except by The Written Law, for I would not have known lust, if The Written Law had not said, “Do not lust.” 8In this commandment sin found for itself an occasion and developed in me every lust, for without The Written Law, sin was dead. 9But I was alive without The Written Law at first, but when the commandment came, sin lived, and I died. 10And I found that commandment of life to be for death. 11For sin, in the occasion that it found for itself, seduced me by the commandment, and killed me with it. 12The Written Law therefore is holy and the commandment is holy, just and good.

13Was the good therefore death to me? God forbid! But sin, that it might appear to be sin, perfected death in me by the means of the good, that sin would be all the more condemned by the commandment.

14For we know that The Written Law is spiritual but I am carnal and I am sold to sin. 15For that which I committed I did not understand, neither was it anything that I chose, but I was doing what I hated. 16And if I did what I did not choose, I testify of The Written Law that it is excellent. 17But now it is not I who am committing this, but sin that dwells within me. 18For I know that good does not dwell within me, ( but this is in my flesh ), for it is easy for me to delight in the good, but I am unable to perform it. 19It was not the good that I wanted that I did, but the evil that I did not want to do, that I did. 20And if I did the thing that I did not want, it was not I doing it, but sin that dwelt within me.

21I find, therefore, a law agreeing with my conscience which wants to do good, because evil is near me. 22For I rejoice in the law of God in the inner person. 23I saw another law in my members that makes war against the law of my conscience and takes me captive to the law of sin that is in my members. 24I am a wretched man. Who will deliver me from this body of death? 25I thank God by our Lord Yeshua The Messiah. Now therefore, I am a Servant of The Law of God in my conscience, but in my flesh, I am a Servant of the law of sin.

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