Acts 28
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Ashore on Malta

1And when they were scaped, then they knewe that the Ile was called Melite. 2And ye straungers shewed vs no litle kyndnesse: for they kyndled a fyre, and receaued vs euery one, because of the present rayne, and because of the colde. 3And when Paul had gathered a bondell of stickes, and layde them on the fyre, there came a Uiper out of the heat, and caught hym by the hande. 4And when the straungers sawe the beast hang on his hande, they sayde among them selues, No doubt this man is a murtherer: Whom though he haue escaped the sea, yet vengeance suffreth not to lyue. 5And he shoke of the Uiper into the fyre, and felt no harme. 6Howbeit, they wayted whe he shoulde haue swolne, or fallen downe dead sodenlie: But after they had loked a great while, and sawe no harme come to him, they chaunged their myndes, and sayde that he was a God.

7In the same quarters were possessios of ye chiefe man of the Ile, whose name was Publius, which receaued vs, and lodged vs three dayes curteouslye. 8And it came to passe, that the father of Publius lay sicke of a feuer, and of a bloody flixe: to whom Paul entred in, & prayed, and layde his handes on hym, and healed hym. 9So when this was done, other also which had diseases in the Ile, came and were healed: 10Which also dyd vs great honour, and when we departed, they laded vs with such thynges as were necessary.

Paul Arrives in Italy

11And after three monethes we departed in a shippe of Alexandria, which had wyntred in the Ile, whose badge was Castor and Pollux. 12And when we came to Syracusa, we taryed there three dayes. 13And from thence we fet a compasse, and came to Rhegium, & after one day the south wynde blewe, and we came the next day to Puteolus: 14Where we founde brethren, and were desired to tary with them seuen dayes, and so we came towarde Rome. 15And from thence, when the brethren hearde of vs, they came to meete vs at Appii forum, and at the three tauernes. When Paul sawe the, he thanked God, and waxed bolde.

Paul Preaches at Rome
(Isaiah 6:1–13)

16And when we came to Rome, ye vnder captayne delyuered the prysoners to the chiefe captayne of the hoast: But Paul was suffred to dwell by him selfe, with a souldyer that kept hym.

17And it came to passe, that after three dayes Paul called ye chiefe of the Iewes together. And whe they were come, he sayde vnto them: Men and brethren, though I haue committed nothyng agaynst the people, or lawes of the fathers, yet was I delyuered prysoner from Hierusalem, into the handes of the Romanes. 18Which when they had examined me, woulde haue let me go, because there was no cause of death in me. 19But when the Iewes spake contrary, I was constrayned to appeale vnto Caesar: not that I had ought to accuse my people of. 20For this cause then haue I called for you, euen to see you and to speake with you: because that for the hope of Israel, I am bounde with this chayne. 21And they said vnto him: We neither receaued letters out of Iurie concernyng thee, neither any of the brethren that came, shewed or spake any harme of thee. 22But we wyll heare of thee, what thou thynkest: For as concernyng this sect, we knowe that euery where it is spoke agaynst.

23And when they had appoynted hym a day, there came many to hym into his lodgyng, to whom he expounded and testified the kyngdome of God, perswadyng them concernyng Iesus, both out of the lawe of Moyses, and out of the prophetes, euen from morning to night. 24And some were perswaded in the thynges which were spoken, and some beleued not. 25And when they agreed not among them selues, they departed after that Paul had spoken one worde, that is to say well spake the holy ghost by Esaias the prophete, vnto our fathers,

26Saying: Go vnto this people, and say, with your eares shall ye heare, and shall not vnderstande: and with your eyes shall ye see, and not perceaue.

27For the heart of this people is waxed grosse, & their eares are dull of hearing, and their eyes haue they closed: lest they shoulde see with their eyes, and heare with their eares, and vnderstande with their heartes, and shoulde be conuerted, and I shoulde heale them.

28Be it knowen therfore vnto you, that this saluation of God is sent to the gentiles, and they shall heare it. 29And when he had sayde these wordes, the Iewes departed, and had great reasonyng among them selues.

30And Paul dwelt two yeres full in his owne hired house, and receaued all that came in vnto hym, 31Preachyng the kyngdome of God, and teachyng those thynges which concerne the Lorde Iesus Christe, with all confidence, no man forbyddyng hym.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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