Job 40
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Job Humbles Himself before the LORD

1Moreouer the Lorde spake vnto Iob, and saide:

2Shall he whom the almightie wyl chasten, contend with him? Should not he which disputeth with God, geue him an aunswere?

3Then Iob aunswered the Lorde, saying:

4Beholde, I am vyle, what shall I aunswere thee, therefore I wyll laye my hande vpon my mouth.

5Once haue I spoken, but I wyll saye no more: yea twyse, but I wyl proceede no further.

The LORD Challenges Job Again

6Then aunswered the Lorde vnto Iob out of the whirle winde, and saide:

7Girde vp thy loynes now lyke a man: I wyll demaunde of thee, and make thou aunswere.

8Wylt thou disanul my iudgement? or wylt thou condempne me, that thou mayst be righteous?

9Is thy power then lyke the power of God? maketh thy voyce a sounde as his doth?

10Decke thy selfe now with excellencie and maiestie, and araye thy selfe with beautie and glory:

11Cast abrode the indignation of thy wrath, and beholde euery one that is proude, and abase him:

12Loke on euery one that is arrogant, and bring him lowe, & destroy the wicked in their place:

13Hide them in the dust together, and couer their faces in secrete:

14Then wyll I confesse vnto thee also, that thyne owne right hande shall saue thee.

15Beholde the beaste Behemoth, who I made with thee, which eateth haye as an oxe:

16Lo how his strength is in his loynes, and what power he hath in the nauil of his body.

17When he wyll, he spreadeth out his tayle lyke a Cedar tree, all his sinowes are stiffe.

18His bones are lyke pipes of brasse, yea his bones are lyke staues of iron.

19He is the chiefe of the wayes of God, he that made him wyl make his sword to approche vnto him.

20Surely the mountaines bring him foorth grasse, where all the beastes of the fielde take their pastime.

21He resteth him in the shade, in the couerte of the reede and fennes.

22The trees couer him with their shadowe, and the wyllowes of the brooke compasse him about.

23Beholde, he drinketh vp whole ryuers and feareth not, he thinketh that he can drawe vp Iordane into his mouth.

24He taketh it with his eyes, and yet the hunter putteth a bridle into his nose.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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