Job 41
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The LORD’s Power Shown in Leviathan

1(40:25) Canst thou drawe out Leuiathan with an hooke, or binde his tongue with a corde?

2(40:26) Canst thou put a hooke in the nose of him, or bore his iawe through with a naule?

3(40:27) Wyl he make many faire wordes with thee thinkest thou or flatter thee?

4(40:28) Wyll he make a couenaunt with thee? or wilt thou take him for a seruaunt for euer?

5(40:29) Wylt thou take thy pastime with him as with a birde, wilt thou binde him for thy maydens?

6(40:30) That thy companions may make a refection of him: or shall he be parted among the marchauntes?

7(40:31) Canst thou fil the basket with his skin? or the fishe panier with his head?

8(40:32) Laye thyne hande vpon him, remember the battaile, and do no more so.

9(40:33) Beholde his hope is in vaine: for shall not one perishe euen at the sight of him?

10(41:1) No man is so fierce that dare stirre him vp: Who is able to stande before me?

11(41:2) Or who hath geuen me any thyng aforehande, that I may rewarde him againe? All thinges vnder heauen are myne.

12(41:3) I wyll not keepe secrete his great strength, his power, nor his comely proportion.

13(41:4) Who can discouer the face of his garment? or who shall come to him with a double brydle?

14(41:5) Who shall open the doores of his face? for he hath horrible teeth round about.

15(41:6) His scales are as it were strong shieldes, so fastened together as if they were sealed:

16(41:7) One is so ioyned to another, that no ayre can come in:

17(41:8) Yea, one hangeth so vpon another, & sticketh so together, that they can not be sundred.

18(41:9) His neesinges make a glistering like fyre, and his eyes lyke the morning shine.

19(41:10) Out of his mouth go torches, and sparkes of fire leape out.

20(41:11) And out of his nostrels there goeth a smoke, lyke as out of an hotte seething pot, or caldron.

21(41:2) His breath maketh the coles burne, and the flambe goeth out of his mouth.

22(41:13) In his necke ther remaineth strength, and nothing is to labourous for him.

23(41:14) The members of his body are ioyned so strait one to another, and cleaue so fast together, that he cannot be moued.

24(41:5) His heart is as hard as a stone, and as fast as the stythie that the smyth smiteth vpon.

25(41:6) When he goeth the mightie are afraide, and feare troubleth them.

26(41:17) If any man drawe out a sword at him, it shall not hurt him: there may neither speare, laueling, nor brestplate abide him.

27(41:18) He setteth asmuch by iron as by a strawe, and asmuch by brasse as by a rotten sticke.

28(41:19) He starteth not away from him that bendeth the bowe: & as for sling stones he careth asmuch for stouble as for the.

29(41:20) He counteth the dartes no better then a strawe, he laugheth him to scorne that shaketh the speare.

30(41:21) Sharpe stones are vnder him lyke potsheardes, and he lyeth vpon sharpe thinges as vpon the soft myre.

31(41:22) He maketh the deepe to boyle lyke a pot, and stirreth the sea together lyke an oyntment.

32(41:23) He maketh the path to be seene after him, and he maketh the deepe to seeme all hoarie.

33(41:24) Upon earth there is no power lyke vnto his: for he is so made that he feareth not.

34(41:25) He beholdeth all the hye thinges, he is a king ouer all the children of pride.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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