Job 42
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Job Submits Himself to the LORD

1Then Iob aunswered the Lord, and saide:

2I know that thou hast power ouer all thinges, and that there is no thought hid vnto thee.

3For who can keepe his owne counsaile so secrete but it shalbe knowen? Therefore haue I spoken that I vnderstoode not, euen the thinges that are to wonderfull for me, and passe myne vnderstanding.

4O hearken thou vnto me also, and let me speake: aunswere vnto the thing that I wyll aske thee.

5I haue heard of thee by the hearing of the eare, but nowe myne eye seeth thee.

6Wherefore I geue myne owne selfe the blame, and take repentaunce in the dust and asshes.

The LORD Rebukes Job’s Friends

7Now when the Lorde had spoken these wordes vnto Iob, it came to passe that the Lorde saide to Eliphas the Themanite: I am displeased with thee, and thy two friendes: for ye haue not spoken of me the thyng that is right, lyke as my seruaunt Iob hath done. 8Therefore take you now seuen oxen, and seuen rammes, and go to my seruaunt Iob, and offer vp for your selues a burnt offring, and my seruaunt Iob shall pray for you: him wyll I accept, and not deale with you after your foolishnesse, in that ye haue not spoken of me the thing which is right, lyke as my seruaunt Iob hath done. 9So Eliphas the Themanite, and Bildad the Suhite, and Sophar the Naamathite, went and did according as the Lorde commaunded them: the Lorde also accepted the person of Iob,

The LORD Blesses Job

10And the Lorde tourned the captiuitie of Iob when he prayed for his friendes: Yea the Lorde gaue Iob twyse as much as he had afore. 11And then came there vnto him all his brethren, all his sisters, and all they that had ben of his acquaintaunce afore, and did eate bread with him in his house, and had compassion on him, and comforted him ouer all trouble that the Lorde had brought vpon him: euery man also gaue him a certaine summe of money, and a iewell of golde. 12So the Lorde blessed the last dayes of Iob more then the first: for he had fourteene thousand sheepe, sixe thousand camels, a thousand yoke of oxen, and a thousand she asses: 13He had seuen sonnes also, and three daughters. 14The first daughter called he Iemima, the second Kezia, and the third Kerenhapuch. 15In al the land were no women found so faire as the daughters of Iob: and their father gaue them inheritaunce among their brethren. 16After this liued Iob an hundred and fourtie yeres: so that he sawe his children, and his childrens children into the fourth generation. 17And so Iob dyed, being olde, and of a perfect age.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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