Psalm 106
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Give Thanks to the LORD, for He Is Good

1Prayse ye the Lorde. Confesse you it vnto god, for he is gratious: and his mercy endureth for euer.

2Who can expresse the valiaunt actes of God: who can publishe abrode all his prayse?

3Blessed are they that kepe iudgement: and do iustice at all times.

4Remember me O God according to the fauour that thou bearest vnto thy people: O visite me with thy saluation.

5That I may see the felicitie of thy chosen, that I may reioyce at the gladnes of thy people: and that I may glorie with thyne inheritaunce.

6We haue sinned with our fathers: we haue done amisse and dealt wickedly.

7Our fathers did not well consider thy wonders in Egypt, neither did they remember thy manifolde great goodnes: but they rebelled at the sea, euen at the red sea.

8Neuerthelesse, he saued them for his names sake: that he myght make his power to be knowen.

9And he rebuked the red sea, and it was dryed vp: so he led them through the deepe, as through a wyldernesse.

10And he saued them from the hande of suche as hated them: & redeemed them from the hande of the enemie.

11As for their aduersaries the waters ouerwhelmed them: there was not one of them left remayning.

12Then beleued they his wordes: and song prayse vnto him.

13But within a very short whyle they forgat his workes: they woulde not wayte for his counsell.

14And they were taken with a great lust in the wyldernesse: and they tempted God in the desert.

15And he gaue them their desire: and sent leannes withal into their soule.

16They enuied also at Moyses in the tentes: and at Aaron the saint of God.

17So the earth opened and swalowed vp Dathan: and couered the company of Abiram.

18And the fire was kindled in their company: the flambe brent vp the vngodly.

19They made a calfe in Horeb: and worshipped the moulten image.

20Thus they turned their glory: into the similitude of a calfe that eateth hay.

21They forgat God their sauiour, who had done so great thynges in Egypt:

22(106:21) wonderous workes in ye land of Cham, and terrible thinges at the red sea.

23(106:22) Wherfore he appointed to destroy them, had not Moyses his chosen stand in the breache before hym: to turne away his wrathful indignation, lest he should destroy them.

24(106:23) Yea they thought scorne of the lande most to be desired: they gaue no credite vnto his worde.

25(106:24) But they murmured in their tentes: they would not hearken vnto the voyce of God.

26(106:25) Then lift he vp his hand against them, to geue them an ouerthrowe in the wildernesse:

27(106:25) to geue their seede an ouerthrowe amongst the nations, and to scatter them in sundry landes.

28(106:26) They ioyned them selues vnto Baal Peor: they also did eate of the sacrifices of the dead.

29(106:27) And they prouoked the Lorde vnto anger with their owne inuentions: and a plague fell mightily amongst them.

30(106:28) Then stoode vp Phinehes, he executed iustice: and so the plague ceassed.

31(106:29) And that was imputed vnto hym for righteousnesse: in generation and generation for euermore.

32(106:30) They also prouoked God at the waters of strife: and all was not well with Moyses for their sakes.

33(106:31) For they had caused an alteration to be of his spirite: so that he spake vnaduisedly with his lippes.

34(106:32) Moreouer, they destroyed not the Heathen: as God commaunded them.

35(106:33) But they were mingled amongst the Heathen: and learned their workes.

36(106:34) Insomuch that they dyd seruice vnto their idols: whiche were to the a snare.

37(106:35) Yea they sacrifised their sonnes: and their daughters vnto deuils.

38(106:36) And they shed innocent blood, euen the blood of their sonnes and of their daughters: whom they sacrifised vnto the idols of Chanaan, and the lande was defiled with blood.

39(106:37) Thus were they stayned with their owne workes: and went a whoryng with their owne inuentions.

40(106:38) Therfore was the wrath of God kindeled against his people: insomuch that he abhorred his owne inheritaunce.

41(106:39) And he gaue them ouer into the hand of the Heathen: and they that dyd hate them, were lordes ouer them.

42(106:40) Their enemies oppressed them: and brought them into subiection vnder their hande.

43(106:41) Many a time dyd God deliuer them, but they rebelled against hym with their owne inuentions: and were brought downe for their wickednes.

44(106:42) Neuerthelesse, he did beholde them in their aduersitie: in geuing eare to their complaint.

45(106:43) And he remembred his couenaunt: and repented, according to the multitude of his mercies.

46(106:44) Yea he made all those that led them away captiue: to pitie them.

47(106:45) Saue vs O God our Lorde, and gather vs from among the Heathen: that we may geue thankes to thy holy name, and glory of thy prayse.

48(106:46) Blessed be God the Lord of Israel from world to world without end: and let all people say, so be it. Prayse ye the Lord.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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