1 Chronicles 6
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The Descendants of Levi

1The children of Leui were, Gerson, Kahath and Merari. 2The childre of Kahath were, Amram, Iezeher, Hebron and Vsiel. 3The children of Amram were, Aaron, Moses and Miriam. The children of Aaro were, Nadab, Abihu, Eleasar and Ithamar. 4Eleasar begat Phineas. Phineas begat Abisua. 5Abisua begat Buki. Buki begat Vsi. 6Vsi begat Serahia. Serahia begat Meraioth. 7Meraioth begat Amaria. Amaria begat Achitob. 8Achitob begat Sadoc. Sadoc begat Ahimaas. 9Ahimaas begat Asaria. Asaria begat Iohanan. 10Iohana begat Asaria: for he was prest in the house yt Salomon buylded at Ierusalem. 11Asaria begat Amaria. Amaria begat Achitob. 12Achitob begat Zadock. Zadock begat Sallum. 13Sallum begat Helchias. Helchias begat Asaria. 14Asaria begat Seraia. Seraia begat Iosedec. 15But Iosedec was caried awaie wha the LORDE caused Iuda & Ierusale to be led awaye captyue by Nabuchodonosor.

16The children of Leui are these: Gerson, Kahath and Merari. 17These are the names of the children of Gerson: Libni and Semei. 18The names of the childre of Kahat are these: Amram, Iezohar, Hebron and Vsiel. 19The names of the children of Merari are: Maheli and Musi. These are the kynreds of the Leuites amonge their housholdes. 20Gersons sonne was Libni, whose sonne was Iahath, whose sonne was Sima, 21whose sonne was Ioah, whose sonne was Iddo, whose sonne was Serah, whose sonne was Ieathrai. 22Kahats sonne was Aminadab, whose sonne was Corah, whose sonne was Assir, 23whose sonne was Elcana, whose sonne was Abiasaph, whose sonne was Assir, 24whose sonne was Thahath, whose sonne was Vriel, whose sonne was Vsia, whose sonne was Saul. 25The childre of Elkana were, Amasai & Ahimoth, 26whose sonne was Elkana, whose sonne was Elkana of Zuph, whose sonne was Nahath, 27whose sonne was Eliab, whose sonne was Ieroham, whose sonne was Elkana, 28whose sonne was Samuel. Whose first borne sonnes were Seni and Abija. 29Meraris sonne was Maheli, whose sonne was Libni, whose sonne was Simei, whose sonne was Vsa, 30whose sone was Simea, whose sone was Haggia, whose sone was Asaia.

The Temple Musicians

31These are they whom Dauid appoynted to synge in the house of the LORDE, where the Arke rested, 32& they mynistred before the habitacion of the Tabernacle of witnes wt synginge, vntyll Salomon had buylded the house of the LORDE at Ierusalem, and they stode after their maner in their office. 33And these are they yt stode & their children. Of ye children of Kahath was Heman ye synger, the sonne of Ioel, the sonne of Samuel, 34the sonne of Elkana, the sonne of Ieroham, ye sonne of Eliel, the sonne of Thoah, 35the sonne of Zuph, the sonne of Elkana, the sonne of Mahath, the sonne of Amasai, 36the sonne of Elkana, the sonne of Iohel, the sonne of Asaria, the sonne of Sophonias, 37the sonne of Thahath, the sonne of Assir, the sonne of Abijasaph, the sonne of Corah, 38the sonne of Iezehar, the sonne of Rahath, the sonne of Leui, the sonne of Israel. 39And his brother Assaph stode at his righte hande, and Assaph was the sonne of Barachia, the sonne of Simea, 40the sonne of Michael, ye sonne of Maeseia, the sonne of Malchija, 41the sonne of Athin, ye sonne of Serah, the sonne of Adaia, 42the sonne of Ethan, the sonne of Sima, the sonne of Simei, 43the sonne of Iahath, the sonne of Gerson, the sonne of Leui. 44Their brethren the childre of Merari, stode on the lefte hande, namely, Ethan the sonne of Kusi, the sonne of Abdi, the sonne of Malluch, 45the sonne of Hasabia, the sonne of Amazia, the sonne of Helchia, 46ye sonne of Amzi, the sonne of Bani, the sonne of Samer, 47the sonne of Maheli, the sonne of Musi, the sonne of Merari, the sonne of Leui.

The Descendants of Aaron

48As for their brethre the Leuites, they were geuen to all the offices in the habitacion of the house of the LORDE:

49but the office of Aaron and his sonnes was to kyndle the fyre vpon the altare of burntofferynges, and vpon the altare of incense, and to all the busynes in the most holy, and to make attonement for the people, acordinge as Moses ye seruaunt of God commaunded. 50These are the children of Aaron: Eleasar his sonne, whose sonne was Phineas, whose sonne was Abisua, 51whose sonne was Buki, whose sonne was Vsi, whose sonne was Serahia, 52whose sonne was Meraioth, whose sonne was Amaria, whose sonne was Achitob, 53whose sonne was Sadoc, whose sonne was Ahimaas.

Territories for the Levites
(Numbers 35:1–8; Joshua 21:1–45)

54And this is their habitacion and rowme in their borders, namely of Aarons children of the kynred of ye Kahathites: for this lot fell vnto them. 55And they gaue the Hebron in the londe of Iuda, & the suburbes of the same rounde aboute. 56But the felde of ye cite & the vyllages therof, gaue they vnto Caleb the sonne of Iephune. 57Thus gaue they vnto the children of Aaron these fre cities, Hebron & Libna with their suburbes, Iather, & Esthemoa, 58Hilen, Debir, 59Asan and Bethsemes, with their suburbes. 60And out of the trybe of Ben Iamin, Geba, Alemeth and Anachot wt their suburbes, so yt all the cities in their kindred were thirtene.

61The other childre of Kahath of their kynred, had out of ye halfe trybe of Manasses, ten cities by lot. 62The children of Gerson of their kynred, had out of ye trybe of Isachar, & out of the trybe of Asser, & out of the trybe of Nephtali, & out of the trybe of Manasses in Basan, thirtene cities. 63The childre of Merari of their kynred, had by lot out of the trybe of Ruben, & out of the trybe of Gad, and out of the trybe of Zabulon, twolue cities. 64And vnto ye Leuites gaue the childre of Israel cities with their suburbes, 65namely by lot, out the trybe of the children of Iuda, & out of the trybe of the childre of Simeon, & out of the trybe of the children of Ben Iamin, euen those cities, which they appoynted by name.

66But the kynreds of the children of Kahath had the cities of their borders out of the trybe of Ephraim. 67So gaue they now vnto the (namely vnto the kynred of the children of Kahath) ye fre cities, Sichem vpon mount Ephraim, Geser, 68Iakmeam, Bethoron, 69Aialon, and Gath Rimon with their suburbes. 70And out of ye halfe trybe of Manasses, Aner and Bileam with their suburbes.

71But vnto the children of Gerson they gaue out of the kynred of the halfe trybe of Manasses, Gola in Basan and Astharoth with their suburbes. 72Out of the trybe of Isachar, Redes, Dabrath 73Ramoth, and Anem with their suburbes 74Out of the trybe of Asser, Masal, Abdo, 75Hutoh and Sehob, with their suburbes. 76Out of the trybe of Nephtali, Redes in Galile, Hamon and Kiriathaim with their suburbes.

77Vnto the other children of Merari gaue they out of the trybe of Zabulon, Rimano and Thabor with their suburbes. 78And beyode Iordane ouer agaynst Iericho eastwarde besyde Iordane out of the trybe of Ruben, Bezer in the wildernes, Iahza, 79Kedemoth and Mepaath with their suburbes. 80Out of the trybe of Gad, Ramoth in Gilead, Mahanaim, 81Hesbon and Iaeser with their suburbes.

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