1 Samuel 16
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Samuel Anoints David

1And ye LORDE sayde vnto Samuel: How longe mournest thou for Saul, whom I haue refused, that he shulde not be kynge ouer Israel? Fyll thine horne with oyle, go thy waye, I wyll sende the to Isai the Bethleemite: for amonge his sonnes haue I prouyded me a kynge. 2But Samuel sayde: How shal I go? Saul shal perceaue it, and shal slaye me. The LORDE sayde: Take the a calfe from the droue, & saye: I am come to do sacrifice vnto ye LORDE. 3And thou shalt call Isai to ye sacrifice, so shall I tell the what thou shalt do, that thou mayest anoynte me him, whom I shall shewe the. 4Samuel dyd as the LORDE sayde, and came to Bethleem. Then were the Elders of the cite astonnyed, and wente forth to mete him, and sayde: Is thy commynge peaceable? 5He sayde: Yee. I am come to do sacrifice vnto the LORDE. Sanctifye youre selues, & come with me to the sacrifice. And he sanctified Isai and his sonnes, and called them to the sacrifice.

6Now wha they came in, he behelde Eliab, & thoughte, whether he shulde be his anoynted before the LORDE. 7But ye LORDE sayde vnto Samuel: loke not vpon his countenaunce, ner vpon the tallnesse of his person, For I iudge not after the sighte of man. A man hath respecte vnto the thinge that is before his eyes, but the LORDE loketh vpon the hert. 8Then Isai called Abinadab, & broughte him before Samuel. And he sayde: This hath not the LORDE chosen. 9Then Isai broughte Samma. But he sayde: This also hath not the LORDE chosen. 10Then broughte Isai his seuen sonnes before Samuel. Neuertheles Samuel saide vnto Isai: The LORDE hath chosen none of these. 11And Samuel sayde vnto Isai: Are here all the childre? He sayde: There is yet one ye leest of all, and beholde, he kepeth the shepe. The sayde Samuel vnto Isai: Sende & cause him to be fetched, for we will not syt downe at the table, vntyll he come.

12Then sent he, & caused him be broughte. And he was well coloured wt fayre eyes & of a beutyfull countenaunce. And the LORDE saide: Aryse, and anoynte him, that is he. 13The toke Samuel his oyle horne, & anoynted him amonge his brethre. And the sprete of the LORDE came vpo Dauid fro ye daye forth. As for Samuel, he gat him vp, & wente vnto Ramath.

David Serves Saul

14But the sprete of the LORDE departed from Saul, and an euell sprete from ye LORDE vexed him. 15Then sayde Sauls seruauntes vnto him: Beholde, an euell sprete from God vexeth the. 16Let oure lorde saie vnto his seruauntes which stonde before him, yt they seke a man which can playe vpon the harpe, and instrumente, that whan the euell sprete of God cometh vpon the, he maye playe wt his hande, to ease the withall. 17Then sayde Saul vnto his seruautes: Prouyde me a ma, that can playe well vpon the instrumente, & brynge him vnto me. 18Then answered one of the children, & sayde: Beholde, I sawe a sonne of Isai ye Bethleemite, which can playe vpon the instrumete, an honest & valeaut man, and one yt hath vnderstodinge in matters, & is welfauoured. 19The Saul sent messaungers vnto Isai, sayege: Sende me Dauid yi sonne, which is with the shepe. 20Then toke Isai an asse wt bred, & a bottell wt wyne, and a kyd, and sent it vnto Saul by Dauid his sonne. 21So Dauid came to Saul, & stode before him, & he loued him well, and he became his wapen bearer. 22And Saul sente vnto Isai, sayege: Let Dauid remayne before me, for he hath founde fauor in my sighte. 23Now whan the sprete of God came vpo Saul, Dauid toke ye harpe, & played wt his hande: so was Saul refresshed, & eased, & the euell sprete departed from him.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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