Amos 7
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The Locusts, Fire, and Plumb Line
(Joel 2:1–11)

1The LORDE God shewed me soch a vision: beholde, there stode one that made gresshoppers, euen when the corne was shutynge forth, after the kynge had clipte his shepe.

2Now when they vndertoke to eate vp all the grene thinges in ye lode, I sayde: O LORDE God, be mercifull, I beseke the: who shulde els helpe vp Iacob, that is brought so lowe?

3So the LORDE was gracious therin, and the LORDE sayde: well, it shall not be.

4Agayne, ye LORDE shewed me this vision: beholde, the LORDE God called the fyre to punysh withall, and it deuoured the greate depe: yee it consumed a parte allredy.

5Then sayde I: O LORDE God, holde thyne honde: for who shulde els helpe vp Iacob that is brought so lowe?

6So the LORDE was merciful therin, and the LORDE God sayde: well, it shal not be.

7Morouer, he shewed me this vision: beholde, the LORDE stode vpon a plastered wall, & a masons trowell in his hode.

8And the LORDE sayde vnto me: Amos, what seist thou? I answered: a masons trowell. Then sayde the LORDE: beholde, I will laye the trowell amoge my people of Israel, and will nomore ouersee them:

9but the hye hilchapels off Isaac must be layed waist, and the churches off Israel made desolate: and as for the house of Ieroboam, I will stonde vp agaynst it with the swerde.

Amaziah Accuses Amos

10Vpon this sent Amasias the prest to Bethel vnto Ieroboam the kinge of Israel, sayenge: Amos maketh the house off Israel to rebell agaynst the, the londe ca not awaye with his wordes. 11For Amos sayeth: Ieroboam shall dye with the swerde, and Israel shall be led awaye captyue out of their owne londe. 12And Amasias sayde vnto Amos: Get the hence (thou that cast se so well) and fle in to the londe of Iuda: get the there thy lyuynge, and prophecy there: 13and prophecy nomore at Bethel, for it is the kynges chapel, and the kynges courte.

14Amos answered, and sayde to Amasias: As for me, I am nether prophet, ner prophetes sonne: but a keper of catell. Now as I was breakynge downe molberies, and goynge after the catell, 15the LORDE toke me, & sayde vnto me: Go thy waye, and prophecy vnto my people of Israel. 16And therfore, heare thou now the worde off the LORDE: Thou saiest: prophecy not agaynst Israel, and speake nothinge agaynst the house off Isaac. 17Wherfore thus sayeth the LORDE: Thy wife shalbe defyled in ye cite, yi sonnes and doughters shalbe slayne with the swerde, and thy londe shalbe measured out with the lyne: Thou thy self shalt dye in an vnclene londe, and Israel shalbe dryuen out off his owne countre.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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