Ezekiel 32
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A Lament for Pharaoh King of Egypt

1In the xij. yeare, the first daye of the xij. Moneth, the worde of the LORDE came vnto me, sayenge:

2Thou sonne of man, take vp a lamentacion vpo Pharao the kynge of Egipte, & saye vnto him: Thou art reputed as a Lyon of the Heithen, & as a whalfish in the see. Thou castest yi waters aboute the, thou troublest the waters wt thy fete, and stampest in their floudes.

3Thus sayeth the LORDE God: I wil sprede my net ouer ye, namely, a greate multitude of people: these shal dryue the into my yarne,

4for I will cast the vpo the lode, and let the lye vpo the felde, that all the foules of the ayre maye syt vpo the: I wil geue all the beastes of the felde ynough off the.

5Thy flesh will I cast vpo the hilles, and fyll the valleys with thy hyenesse.

6I will water the londe with the abundaunce off thy bloude euen to the moutaynes, & ye valleys shal be full off the.

7When thou art put out, I will couer the heauen, and make his starres dymme. I will sprede a cloude ouer the Sonne, ad the Moone shall not geue hir light.

8All the lightes off heauen will I put out ouer the, and bringe darcknesse vpon thy londe, saieth ye LORDE God.

9I wil trouble the hertes off many people, when I bringe thy destruccion amoge the Heithen and countrees, whom thou knowest not. 10Yee I will make many people with their kynges so afrayed thorow ye, that their hayre shal stonde vp, whe I shake my swearde at their faces. Sodenly shal they be astonnyed, euery man in him self, at ye daye of thy fall.

11For thus saieth the LORDE God: the kynge of Babilons swearde shal come vpon ye,

12with ye sweardes of the worthies will I smyte downe thy people. All they that be mightie amonge the Getiles, shal waist the proude pompe of Egipte, and brynge downe all hir people.

13All the catell also of Egipte wil I destroye, that they shal come nomore vpo the waters: so that nether mas fote ner beastes clawe, shal stere them enymore.

14Then wil I make their waters cleare, and cause their floudes to runne like oyle, sayeth the LORDE God:

15when I make the londe of Egipte desolate, and when ye countre with all that is therin, shalbe layde waist: and whe I smyte all the which dwell in it, that they maye knowe, that I am the LORDE.

16This is the mournynge, that the doughters off the Heithen shall make: Yee a sorow and lamentacio shal they take vp, vpon Egipte and all hir people, saieth the LORDE God.

Egypt Cast into the Pit

17In the xij. yeare, the xv. daye of the Moneth, came the worde off the LORDE vnto me sayenge: 18Thou sonne of man. Take vp a lamentacion vpon the people of Egipte, and cast them downe, yee ad the mightie people of the Heithe also, euen with the that dwell beneth: and with them that go downe in to the graue.

19Downe (how fayre so euer thou be) and laye the with the vncircircumcised.

20Amoge those that be slayne with the swearde, shal they lye. The swearde is geuen alredy. he shal be drawen forth and all his people. 21The mightie worthies and his helpers, yt be gone downe and lye with the vncircumcised and with them that be slayne with ye swearde: shal speake to him out of the hell.

22Assur is there also with his company, ad their graues rounde aboute, which were slayne ad fell all with the swearde, 23whose graues lye besyde him in the lowe pytte. His comos are buried rounde aboute his graue: alltogether wounded and slayne with the swearde, which men afore tyme brought feare in to ye londe off the lyuynge.

24There is Elam also with all his people, and their graues rounde aboute: which all beynge wounded and slayne with the swearde, are gone downe vncircumcised vnder the earth, which neuertheles somtyme brought feare in to the londe off the lyuynge: for the which they beare their shame, with the other that be gone downe to ye graue. 25Their buryall is geuen them and all their people, amonge them that be slayne. Their graues are rounde aboute all them, which be vncircumcised; and with them that be slay thorow the swearde: for seynge that in tymes past they made the londe off the lyuynge afrayed, they must now beare their owne shame, with them that go downe to the pytte, and lye amonge them, that be slayne.

26There is Mesech also and Tubal, and their people, and their graues rounde aboute. These all are amonge the vncircucised, and them that be slayne with the swearde, because afore tyme they made the londe off the lyuynge afrayed. 27Shulde not they then lye also amonge ye worthies, and vncircumcised Giauntes? which wt their weapens are gone downe to hel: whose sweardes are layed vnder their heades, whose wickednesse is vpon their bones: because that as worthies, they haue brought feare into ye lode of ye lyuinge;? 28Yee amoge the vncircucised shalt thou be destroyed, and slepe with them, that perished thorow the swearde.

29There is the lode off Edom with hir kynges and prynces also, which wt their stregth are layed by them that were slayne with the swearde, yee amonge the vncircumcised, and them which are gone downe in to the pytte.

30Morouer, there be all the prynces of the north, with all the Sidonias, which are gone downe to the slayne. With their feare and strength they are come to confucion, and lye there vncircumcised, amonge those that be slayne with the swearde: and beare their owne shame, with them that be gone downe to ye pytte.

31Now when Pharao seyth this, he shal be comforted ouer all his people, that is slayne with the swearde: both Pharao & all his hoost, saieth ye LORDE God. 32For I haue geue my feare in the lode of the lyunge. But Pharao & all his people shal lye amoge the vncircumcised, and amonge them that be slayne with the swearde, saieth the LORDE God.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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