Jeremiah 10
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The Sovereignty of God

1Heare the worde of the LORDE, yt he speaketh vnto the, o thou house of Israel:

2Thus saieth the LORDE: Ye shal not lerne after the maner of the Heithe, and ye shal not be afrayed for the tokens of heauen: for the Heithen are afrayed of soch:

3Yee all the customes and lawes of the Getiles are nothinge, but vanite. They hewe downe a tre in the wod with the hondes of the worke man, and fashion it with the axe:

4they couer it ouer with golde or syluer, they fasten it wt nales and hammers, that it moue not.

5It stodeth as stiff as the palme tre, it can nether speake ner go, but must be borne. Be not ye afrayed of soch, for they ca do nether good ner euel.

6But there is none like vnto ye (o LORDE) thou art greate, and greate is the name of yi power.

7Who wolde not feare the? or what kige of the Gentiles wolde not obeye the? For amonge all the wysemen of the Gentiles, and in all their kingdomes, there is none, that maye be lickened vnto the.

8They are all together vnlerned and vnwise, All their connynge is but vanite:

9namely, wod, syluer, which is brought out of Tharsis, and beate to plates: and golde from Ophir, a worke yt is made with the honde of the craftesman & the caster, clothed with yalow sylck and scarlet: euen so is the worke of their wyse men all together.

10But the LORDE is a true God, a lyuinge God, and an euerlastinge kinge. Yf he be wroth, the earth shaketh: all the Getiles maye not abyde his indignacion.

11As for their goddes, it maye well be sayde of the: they are goddes, that made nether heaue ner earth: therfore shal they perish fro the earth, and from all thinges vnder heauen.

12But (as for oure God) he made the earth with his power, and with his wisdome hath he fynished the whole compasse of the worlde, with his discrecion hath he spred out the heauens,

13At his voyce the waters gather together in the ayre, he draweth vp ye cloudes from the vttemost partes of ye earth: he turneth lighteninge to rayne, and brigeth forth the wyndes out of their treasuries:

14His wisdome maketh all men fooles. And confunded be all casters of ymages, for that they cast, is but a vayne thinge, and hath no life.

15The vayne craftes men with their workes, that they in their vanite haue made, shall perish one with another in the tyme of visitacion.

16Neuertheles, Iacobs porcio is not soch: but it is he, that hath made all thinges, and Israel is the rodd of his inheritauce: The LORDE of hoostes is his name.

The Coming Captivity of Judah

17Put awaye thy vnclennesse out of the londe, thou that art in the stronge cities.

18For thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, I wil now thrust out the inhatours of this londe a greate waye off, and trouble them of soch a fashio, that they shal no more be founde.

19Alas, how am I hurte? Alas, how panefull are my scourges vnto me? For I cosidre this sorow by my self, & I must suffre it,

20My tabernacle is destroyed, and all my coardes are broken. My children are gone fro me, ad can no where be founde. Now haue I none to sprede out my tente, or to set vp my hanginges.

21For the hyrdmen haue done folishly, that they haue not sought the LORDE. Therfore haue they dealt vnwisely with their catell, & all are scatred abrode.

22Beholde, the noyse is harde at honde, and greate sedicio out of the north: to make the cities of Iuda a wyldernesse, and a dwellinge place for Dragons.

23Now I knowe (o LORDE) that is not in mas power to ordre his owne waies, or to rule his owne steppes & goinges.

24Therfore chaste thou vs (o LORDE) but with fauoure, and not in thy wrath, bringe vs not vtterly to naught.

25Poure out thy indignacion rather vpon the Getiles, that knowe ye not, and vpon the people that call not on thy name: And that because they haue consumed, deuoured and destroyed Iacob, and haue roted out his glory.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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